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FIA Formula 4 Experience Coming to iRacing

FIA Formula 4 Experience Coming to iRacing

The FIA Formula 4 experience will be coming to the iRacing platform, along with the car release on June 3rd.

iRacing is pleased to announce it has partnered with the FIA to bring a Formula 4 experience on the sim racing platform.

iRacing, the world’s premier motorsport simulation and leader in eSports, is extremely pleased to announce an official partnership with the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) to bring a licensed FIA Formula 4 experience to iRacing. As part of the agreement, the car currently known as the iRacing Formula iR-04 will be relaunched as the FIA F4 with iRacing’s 2023 Season 3 release in June.

Nikolas Tombazis, FIA Single Seater Director said: “This partnership with iRacing is an important step for grassroots motor sport development. The virtual racing space is a key area for the FIA in its goal to double global participation in motorsport, both as a discipline in its own right and as a route into real-world competition. The next generation of racing drivers is already highly engaged in this arena, which removes many of the historical barriers to entry by being low-cost and easily accessible, opening up possibilities to increase diversity and engagement in new and emerging markets. Formula 4 Championships, Certified by FIA, represent the first step for drivers to move from karting to car racing, and to have a highly-respected industry-leading partner in iRacing bringing this global framework online is fantastic news.”

“We are thrilled to have formalized a partnership agreement with the FIA,” said iRacing president Tony Gardner. “The F4 platform has proven to be incredibly popular and exciting in both the real world and the virtual one, and we know that our members will benefit from the synergy between our two organizations. With many FIA national ASNs already running events through iRacing, this alliance will only further expand opportunities for the future stars of motorsport to get their start through sim racing. In addition to iRacing’s new FIA F4 Challenge, iRacing and the FIA are discussing additional eSport plans for the future.”

The FIA Formula 4 platform was announced in 2013 in advance of a 2014 debut, and has grown in popularity around the world as the ideal first step on the global open-wheel racing ladder. Featuring a diverse range of chassis and engine manufacturers, each F4 car is capped at 160 horsepower to ensure equal performance around the world. Formula 4 Championships, Certified by FIA, now take place across four continents and have been established by FIA member organizations.

iRacing’s version of the FIA Formula 4 car benefits from the same level of analysis, detail, data, and testing as members have come to expect, while the genericized model allows for use by FIA member clubs worldwide without manufacturer conflicts. iRacing offers multiple public series featuring the FIA Formula 4 to its more than 200,000 active users, with options for both custom setups and fixed performance. Dozens of real-world FIA Formula 4 host circuits are already available on iRacing, with more to be added in future releases.

About iRacing

Drive officially licensed car replicas engineered from the ground up in cooperation with real-world race teams, applying accurate mechanical and dynamic models. Go head to head with real drivers all over the world thanks to our skill-based matchmaking and license progression system ensuring competitive racing at all levels. Race on your own or with a team featuring driver swaps in addition to crew chief and spotter positions!

Whether you want to experience a NASCAR Cup car, a World of Outlaws Sprint car, an Australian Supercar, an IMSA Prototype or Touring Car, or the ultimate: an FIA Grand Prix car, iRacing’s online racing simulations offer them all. All you need is a computer equipped with one or more USB ports, and a digital wheel/pedal, or gamepad backed by a high-speed Internet connection. iRacing does the work for you by organizing and managing more than 80 official racing series, or you can choose to race in more than 400 private leagues or launch your own hosted events.

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