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Straight4 Studios today announced a strategic partnership with Reiza Studios, makers of classic sim racing titles such as Automobilista and Automobilista 2.

Straight4 Studios features many of the key talents that have shaped sim racing’s heritage for over two decades including AAA-bestsellers such as the GTR® series, and the two-time gamescom “Best Simulation” award winner and multi-million-selling Project CARS franchise.

The studios will combine their decades’ worth of experience creating iconic sim racing titles starting with Straight4’s upcoming sim racing title.

“Renato has been discussing this possibility for a long time, going back to when they were creating Automobilista 2 using our then proprietary MADNESS Engine. All of us at Straight4 were enormously impressed with what Renato and his studio were able to create in terms of feel and handling with Automoblista 2. Combining our studios’ talents is exciting news for all of us at Straight4, and I’m really confident this will also be fantastic news for the sim racing industry as a whole,” said IAN BELL, CEO at Straight4.

“Ian has been talking about this strategic partnership for some time but our studios have always ended up on varying projects at varying times, delaying any kind of decision. Finally, with Ian and his team working hard on their upcoming game, the time was right for us to join forces. Having seen inside the new project Straight4 is working on made this an easy decision for Reiza to sign up to a project we believe is going to be the next great sim racing title. We’ll have further news on our portfolio of games for our fans in the next few days,” said Renato Simioni, CEO at Reiza Studios.

Straight4’s new and as yet unnamed sim racing title will launch on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox, and will be the spiritual return to the glory days of sim racing’s past, featuring a new, bespoke physics engine, and cutting-edge graphics.

The new game will be published by PLAION.

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