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So You Want to Get into Sim Racing: Heres A beginners Guide

So You Want to Get into Sim Racing: Heres A beginners GuideFor some people, sim racing can be seen as a gaming genre that has so much to offer, lets check some things out with a beginners guide.

So you are new to the sim racing genre and do not know where to start, we got you covered with a great beginners guide on sim racing as well as many of your questions answered you may be wondering about.

When you look at getting positive and relevant information in the sim racing genre for driving, team management and improving, it is always best to get that information from tried and tested sources that can back up its information with appropriate data. Those at Asetek SimSports relentlessly test and produce equipment, as well as driving for hours upon end lap after lap to ensure only the best is delivered.

Now many of you out there put in a lot of work with your own testing, but can you say you have a Motorsport driver working with you to get the most out of everything? How does Kevin Magnussen sound as your test pilot?

Picture credit: Asetek SimSports. Kevin Magnussen.

Asetek SimSports produces some mighty fine equipment, but also values you as a sim racer who wants to improve in the sim racing genre. For those entering the sim racing genre, it can be quite daunting at first with the equipment, professional drivers, Esports etc the list can go on. The beginning is where everyone started with this journey you are about to start.

Asetek SimSports in depth analysis & beginners guide in sim racing

You may be in the market to get yourself some sim racing equipment such as some pedals, a wheel and more. Starting with that, it is best to look at your budget and take it from there, you should not feel the pressure to get a one-million-dollar simulator on your first out, or if you have that kind of money, go for it. But before you do, some fundamental aspects need to be taken into account, ask yourself some of these questions.

  • What racing title do I wish to use?
  • Will I be on PC or Console?
  • What class of racing do you wish to proceed with?
  • How much space do you have to facilitate your equipment?
  • What are your expectations, do you wish to race on your own, with friends and leagues or aim for the big time Esports?

When you think about it, sim racing is one of the greatest aspects of the gaming industry. It brings so much to the forefront of real world reality into the gaming genre, it is fully on display with great equipment and immersion making the experience unrivalled. I have said this before, and I shall do so again, above all, enjoy!

Asetek SimSports® are working non-stop on developing sim racing gear that will revolutionize the market, and we’re proud to share it!


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