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Some more news on the latest update and changelog for Trackmania along with a brief message on the title coming to consoles.

Everyone likes something different and that’s exactly what Trackmania is, in the recent update and changelog, improvement and bug fixes have been implemented.

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A new Trackmania update has been deployed with different UI improvements and some bug fixes.

Full changelog:

– New Trackmania access page design.
– Fix medals not showing in Training campaign.
– Improve home scene display.
– Improve spectated player UI.
– Improve map review activity popup design.
– Improve skin uploads activity popup design.
– Add a latency test in the settings so you can test your hardware latency.
– Fix Super Royal victories not counted in the Ubisoft challenge.
– Fix mute icon in voice chat not updated correctly.
– Improve visibility of the server message UI for accessibility.
– Improve visibility of the timer in Royal for accessibility.
– Fix wrong team winning in Ranked when the team leaves.
– Add previous/next player binding for gamepad.
– Add a button to open the Ubisoft Connect profile of a player.
– Remove the old setting menu in the top navigation bar.

Coming next: Trackmania on console! We will give you more detailed information about the release date in a near future!

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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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