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Trackmania Grand League & Challenger League

Trackmania Grand League & Challenger League

Some new additions to the Trackmania Grand League and Challenger League are coming your way, what’s in store?

The Trackmania Grand League and Challenger League is a premier Esports event for the gaming world to participate in and enjoy. Like all great gaming titles, adding new additions to the titles is also a key area.

We are excited to announce a new addition to the Trackmania Grand League and Challenger League: the introduction of coaches! Starting from the next stage, each team will have the opportunity to have a coach to support their players and help them achieve their full potential.

We strongly believe that the introduction of coaches will not only enhance the performance of the teams but also believe that it is a necessary step to ensure the continued growth and development of the league. This addition will not be mandatory for any of the participating team.

Each coach will be present during matches give real-time feedback and advice to their players through each warm-up and will also have two tactical breaks of 30 seconds each in their hands that they can use between each track. A tactical break will materialize through a warm-up extension of 30 seconds. Though, coaches won’t be able to participate in rounds shot calling as we understand that this would be too big of a change to be applied between two stages, but we’re not removing the possibility for future seasons.


In Stage 2, the whole TMGL & TMCL regular season’ scheduling is known before it starts. All teams will play at least 1 match in prime time during the regular season.


Schweineaim Racing has sadly decided to forfeit their participation in the second stage of the Challenger league. Despite our best efforts to accommodate their schedule, the team has informed us that they will not be available to compete in multiple matches of the season.

We understand that this news may be disappointing for their fans, and the Trackmania Challenger League as a whole. However, we respect the team’s decision and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

We would like to assure all other teams and fans that the league will continue as scheduled, with the reintroduction of Team Exalty composed of MiQuatro and Link as Team MINT who also finished 3rd/4th in the Promotion and Relegation tournament have decided to split away for Stage 2.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support for the league, and we can’t wait for the season to start!

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