CSP Preview 1.80 218 Assetto Corsa Mod

We know that CSP for Assetto Corsa is a fantastic mod, here we have the details and release of version preview 1.80 218. Check it out.

One of the best Assetto Corsa mod contributions within its community is CSP, it literally changes everything with how it looks as well as enhancing it, preview version 1.80 218 is now available. In this video by our featured content creator Sir Spats Gaming, he runs through the installation as well as all the new features. Be sure to watch the video as important information is mentioned for setting up correctly.

Download CSP preview version 1.80 218: Creating mods for Assetto Corsa racing simulator

As always, we encourage people to leave constructed feedback for the creators. This helps with current and future projects. If you see anything suspicious with any mods, please get in contact with the creator, or drop a message below if anyone is ripping your creation. We at Simrace247 like to promote great creations and mods within the sim racing genre.

Gaming mods are a vital core part to the gaming industry, Assetto Corsa would not be the sim racing title it is today without them, F1 has seen its best sim racing cars through mods as well. Titles like rFactor and the Automobilista series have also had their fair share. When we see some of the great creations of cars, tracks, sounds and so much more, we really see how great the sim racing mod community is. Driven by passion and the need to create, the modding community shows some of the greatest designs in the sim racing genre.

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