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The Trackmania World Tour stage 2 is on its way with the, announcement to the schedule released, check it out!

Another great racing and gaming series has announced its dates for the world tour, the Trackmania Grand League and Challenger League is coming.

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The Trackmania World Tour 2023 Stage 2 is coming very soon! Trackmania Grand League and Challenger League schedules have been slightly modified.

Trackmania Grand League 2023 Stage 2 will start on Saturday and Sunday May 6th-7th with two play days in a single weekend. Another Superweek will conclude the TMGL regular season on June 3rd-4th to determine who will qualify for the Playoffs.

Trackmania Challenger League will start on Wednesday & Thursday May 10th-11th with two matches played each evening. Playday 2 will follow on Saturday May 13th. Some TMCL regular playdays will take place during the week, resulting in a more intense calendar for Trackmania Esports enthusiasts!

TMGL and TMCL playoffs will be split in two weekends, on June 17th-18th & June 23rd-24th-25th! Both competitions playoffs will take place one after the other. Challenger League winner will be crowned on Saturday June 24th, and Grand League champion on Sunday June 25th!

All-Stars Championship schedule has been amended as the competition will conclude Stage 2 on July 8th-9th. Regional tournaments dates remain unchanged since the Trackmania World Tour announcement. But all Regionals will now be played with a double elimination bracket on day 1! MEA and NCSA tournaments will start Stage 2 on April 28th-29th, one week before the Grand League opening!

As a reminder, 8 teams from Trackmania Grand League will remain in the major tournament this season. Every single organization kept their players from the Stage 1 for this new phase. In the Trackmania Challenger League, Ascent (Arthaniir-Xerar) managed to qualify for the Stage 2 and will replace Exalty (link-MiQuatro).

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Darren Buckner

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