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MotoGP 23 Game Development Update

The development team working on the MotoGP 23 racing title have released a Q&A video speaking about the upcoming game.

For many, two wheels is the only option, but we all are racers deep down even if its virtual, the development team working on the upcoming MotoGP 23 game have released a Q&A session.

Last April 12th, the MotoGP™23 Lead Game Designer, and the Milestone Executive Producer and Creative Director answered our community’s questions on Discord, going deeper into the details of the last chapter of the game. You can listen to it again here or read the following summary of the session’s highlights.

What is the concept of MotoGP™23 career mode?

In MotoGP™22 you were essentially in a managerial career. This time, we’ve created something entirely new that blends with the idea of Turning Points, so we wanted you to live the experience to be a rider by facing obstacles, and achieving goals while attempting to get past rivals.

What kinds of interactions can we have on social media? And are they somehow impactful?

The social media feature is a tool to support another concept and feature: Rivalries. During the season, you’ll develop relationships with other riders, and some of them will engage you in a conversation on social media. In addition, the players’ relationship with their rivals will also have an impact during races. Depending on how you react on social media, you can expect to have some riders be more aggressive on the track independently of the degree of difficulty.

Will we be able to see our online performance on a public profile? 

For the first time, MotoGP™23 has a ranking system, Live GP: each race’s results, as well as each player’s individual statistics, will be listed on a single page. Additionally, you’ll be matched with other players of your level based on your ranking.


Are Dynamic Weather and Flag to Flag also available in multiplayer races? Or are they limited to single player mode?

Yes, Dynamic Weather and Flag to Flag are implemented in both online and offline races.

In Flag to Flag, can you enter and change your bike in total freedom or not?

Yes, but you have to start with the tires in accordance with the actual rules of MotoGP™. If it’s dry but it looks like it’s going to rain, you must start on slick tires. If it’s raining or has been declared wet, you must start on wet tires. If the pit is open, you can enter and switch bikes, but you can also choose not to do it.

So do we have two bikes available, for example, in free practice?

Yes, you have the option to set up the second bike for a wet condition during free practice, and you can also save the bike setups separately to load them later.


Will the AI be more consistent over different tracks?

We basically increased speed and consistency and added some new features like level of aggression. But we also intend to continue providing support for the game after launch, taking into account your suggestions, opinions, and feelings regarding it.

About the Race Director, will be added on Day One?

Not on Day One, but the Race Director will be delivered in time for the online races.

About the new circuits, will be all of them available?

Yes. In MotoGP™23 all the circuits will available on Day One

Do we have asymmetric tires on MotoGP™23?

Yes, according to the track as needed. For instance, Saxon Ring requires the asymmetrical tire due to its succession of extremely long left-handers, whereas other tracks do not require it and have the symmetric tire.

Can you tell us something about the physics improvements?

First of all, we have worked on some corner cases, such as downshifting and hard rear brake usage. We’ve improved the consistency and realism of this behavior. Then, we focused on making some extremely complicated aspects, like the gyroscopic forces, more noticeable and palpable.

MotoGP 23 is set for release on June 8th on the following platforms:  PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.


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