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From The Thrill Of The Japanese Grand Prix To The Casino

From The Thrill Of The Japanese Grand Prix To The Casino

The Japanese Grand Prix is a massive attraction to racing fans and casino participants. Here we have all the details to the event and more.

It is one of the jewels in the motorsport calendar, high stakes on the racetrack as well as those that visit the casino, the Japanese Grand Prix has it all.

The 17th race of the 2023 Formula 1 season is the Japanese Grand Prix, scheduled for Sunday, September 24th, at the Suzuka International Racing Course, also known as the Suzuka Circuit. Taking place approximately two months before the season’s final event, this race typically marks the beginning of the intensified competition. With a history of exciting races in previous editions, the Japanese GP holds a special place among motorsport enthusiasts, cementing its status as a must-watch event for petrolheads.

Reasons Why Everyone Loves the Suzuka Circuit

Aside from its placement in the F1 season, the Suzuka Circuit has several other factors that contribute to its popularity. With a seating capacity of 155,000, it’s a massive venue that can accommodate large crowds. The track itself is also quite challenging, measuring 3.617 miles in length and requiring skillful maneuvering from drivers. These and other factors have made the Suzuka Circuit a beloved destination for both fans and drivers in the F1 community. In fact, retired F1 legend Sebastian Vettel has expressed a desire to return to racing solely for the opportunity to compete at Suzuka once again. It’s no surprise that video game developers have also jumped on the Suzuka Circuit hype, featuring it prominently in many racing games.

Suzuka Circuit Inspiring Sim Racing Games

Having been constructed in the 1960s, it’s no surprise that the Suzuka Circuit has made early appearances in video games. Namco’s Pole Position II, released in 1986 for various platforms including Atari console and MS-DOS, featured the racetrack under the moniker of “Wonder Circuit” as a promotion for Namco’s “Wonder” amusement parks. 

Despite the rebranding, the Suzuka Circuit logo was still prominently displayed on the game’s packaging and in-game visuals. Since then, the Suzuka Circuit has been included in numerous racing simulation games such as Ferrari F355 Challenge, Racing Battle: C1 Grand Prix, and Taito’s Continental Circus, among others. While most games aim to replicate the course as accurately as possible, there are some instances where the virtual version features unique details not found on the real-life racetrack. For example, the racing game Project CARS has a version of the Suzuka Circuit where the Ferris Wheel is relocated, and a road passes through its original location.

Slot Games Inspired by Suzuka Circuit

Apart from inspiring developers of racing video games, the Suzuka Circuit has also served as an inspiration for online slot developers. If you’re unfamiliar with these sorts of games, online slots are digital versions of old-school fruit machines. These games work in much the same way as physical slots, using random number generators to determine the outcome of each spin of the reels. If the reels line up in a winning combo, you win money. How much you win depends on various factors such as the number of reels the game has, the number of pay lines, bonus features, and so on.

Different slots come with different sets of rules, but that’s not the reason that makes players prefer one game to another. The no. 1 reason players fall in love with a certain slot game is its theme. For example, racing fans are likely to be enchanted with motorsports-themed slots. The result is that you can recreate the excitement of the Suzuka Circuit at and other Japanese online casino sites Green Light Slot game. Powered by RealTime Gaming (RTG), this is one of the most popular slots whose gameplay is focused on racing. Beautiful graphics and exciting audio elements, along with high payouts, make Green Light one of the most-played RTG games.

When it comes to RTG’s competitors, they too have made many slots centered around the motorsports universe. NetEnt, for example, has a game called Drive Multiplier Mayhem, with symbols representing racing cards and drivers. Microgaming also has its own racing slot called Racing for Pinks, which is inspired by drag racing.

Visiting Japan’s Iconic Racetrack

If you’re feeling inspired to experience the Suzuka Circuit firsthand, you don’t have to wait for a race day. The complex welcomes visitors every day, providing access to the racetrack as well as the on-site amusement park, museum, and various other attractions. However, the most suitable time to visit is during a race event. While the Japanese Grand Prix is the most prominent occasion, the Suzuka Circuit also hosts a range of other races including Super GT, Super Formula, MFJ Superbike, and the Endurance World Championship (EWC) Suzuka 8 Hours race, among others.

Final Thoughts

The Suzuka Circuit has become an iconic destination for both motorsport enthusiasts and online casino gamers. Its challenging track and expansive seating capacity attract F1 fans from around the world, with the Japanese Grand Prix being a highlight of the season. The circuit has also captured the attention of racing game developers, who have created detailed virtual renditions of the track. Moreover, online slot developers at Japanese online casinos have taken inspiration from the Suzuka Circuit, crafting racing-themed games such as Green Light and Racing for Pinks. Whether attending a race event or simply exploring the circuit’s amusement park and museum, the Suzuka Circuit has something to offer for all types of visitors.

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