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Assetto Corsa 7000HP Drag Camaro Street Runner

Assetto Corsa 7000HP Drag Camaro Street Runner

It may be one of the mods in early access, but this 7000HP Drag Camaro Street Runner for Assetto Corsa is hot stuff!

Heres one for the digs and runs, this 7000HP Drag Camaro Street Runner brought to you by MkElite is another one of those Assetto Corsa mods to keep an eye on. Currently, it is in early access, but pin it to your radar as it will be mega!

Creators notes:

MkElite Tune to the beautiful Drag Camaro by Hawaiian @ D&O Racing. Massive Boost! Long Gears, Better Tires. 6 Speed Boost By Gear Setup. WARNING: Tires Must be OPTIMAL temperatures (Around 80C) to control this beast. Use The Tires App in assetto to check that!

Cold tires must be warmed up with burnout. 80C ~ optimal. Hot tires after a run? Wait till tires cool back towards 80C ~ -150+ PSI of Peak Boost.

-1st Gear: 44 psi
-2nd Gear: 59 psi
-3rd Gear: 75 psi
-4th Gear: 101 psi
-5th Gear 115 psi
-6th Gear: 157 psi (BEAST MODE!)
-Glowing Hot Turbos
-Interior Ambient Lighting
-Wastegate Screamer Pipe (Full activation in 5th / 6th Gears)
-Billet Block LSX
-Billet Transmission Housing
-Straight Cut 1-6th Gears
-Straight Cut Final Drive (Tuned for over 500+ MPH~)
-Upgraded Clutch / Shifter

Join the early access build: EARLY ACCESS: 7000HP Drag Camaro Street Tune | MkElite

We ask as always that users leave constructed feedback to the creators to help with present and future projects. We at Simrace247 like to make the broader community aware of such creations within the sim racing genre, enjoy.

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