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The Challenge Awaits in MotoGP 23 Career mode

The upcoming release of MotoGP 23 has a career mode that will challenge to the very end as you rise to stardom.

In the latest video release video of the upcoming MotoGP 23 racing title, we see how career mode will require all of you skills to get noticed and rise to the top. Personally, any rider in the MotoGP paddock is good enough to be there, they are the best of the best.

Like most racing titles, its filled with novelty, that gives a “not good enough” approach unless you are number 1. However, this is what some games are made of now. All I can say is, practice, race hard and let nothing phase you, and with that, you will do just fine.

Renewed Career more challenging and real

Your path to glory has never been so personal. Just like in real life, your choices will affect your career. Manage Rivalries and take advantage of the new Turning Points to move faster through the different classes.

MotoGP 23 is set for release on June 8th on the following platforms:  PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.



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