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How to Master NFS Unbound Volume 2 DLC

How to Master NFS Unbound Volume 2 DLC

Get to Grips and master the new NFS Unbound Volume 2 DLC with this how to guide brought to you by the studio.

The newly released NFS Unbound Volume 2 DLC offers many challenges for you virtual racers to master, here are some useful and official tips on how to bring your A game!

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Take your team on a tour of Lakeshore in Endurance Races. Race it out and hold your nerve as the tension builds and stay ahead of the pack to win! Stretching along vast routes across the map, take a group of up to 8 street racers on longer, more challenging races that test the mettle and resolve of every driver on the start grid.

The right tools for the job:

Endurance Races are longer than regular Street Races and require a higher level of concentration to stay fastest for longer and keep your car on the road. Tracks differ in challenge and length, with ‘Apex Predator’ being a shorter Endurance Race with tight and technical sections, potentially favoring cars with more precise handling. ‘Colossus’, on the other hand, is the longest Endurance Race but varies in challenge level throughout, possibly being more suited to a well-rounded ride that can handle both sharp corners and high-speed straights.

Word on the street: Hit up a Meetup to find new Endurance Races across the map.

Bring your best wheels:

Endurance Races are only for cars fit enough for the challenge. ‘Old Town Road’ is a Tier A track, ‘Colossus’ and ‘Road Trippin’ require A+ cars, ‘The Scenic Route’ is another step up, whilst ‘Apex Predator’ will only allow the best rides in the city to hit the start line. Having a car that meets the entry requirements only guarantees a spot in the race. To win, you’ll want to extract every bit of speed from your car, tweaking top speed, acceleration, handling, and more to design the best ride for each race.

Stay on track:

There’s more opportunities to make mistakes or catch up to Rivals in Endurance Races. Keeping your car on the road is just as important as hitting the highest top speed. Falling to the back of the pack? Don’t panic! Endurance Races make for more chances of Rival Racers making mistakes, and one lapse in concentration from the car in front can put you back in contention for the win.

Word on the street: Bring a car with familiar handling, or you could be losing time just trying to keep it on track.

More ways to make Bank:

Endurance Races introduce a new way to make money in Lakeshore Online. Just like Street Races, you’ll be paid based on performance and the number of competitors you’ve raced against. With a packed starting grid, full concentration, and the best ride for the job, you’ll be blowing away the competition in Lakeshore Online’s most challenging races yet!

See you on the streets!

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