Test Your Skills Against Gran Turismo Sophy

Test Your Skills Against Gran Turismo Sophy

Heres one for you Gran Turismo fans, you can race against Gran Turismo Sophy for a limited time, racers, get to it!

Race Together is a limited time special event where  PlayStation Sim Racers can pitch and test their skill against Gran Turismo Sophy.

The ‘Race Together’ limited time event in which players can race against Gran Turismo Sophy (GT Sophy) will be available until Wednesday, 29 March at 15:59 BST.

GT Sophy is an AI racing agent developed in collaboration between Sony AI, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Polyphony Digital.

■ Official GT Sophy Website

The ‘Race Together’ event allows players of all levels and abilities to go head-to-head against GT Sophy in a series of four races of increasing difficulty, from Beginner, Intermediate, to Expert driver. Players can also challenge GT Sophy in a 1vs1 mode, where they race one-on-one against GT Sophy with identical car configurations and settings.

For further information on how to access this event, please see the following news.

■ Announcing ‘Race Together,’ a New Time-Limited Event Featuring Gran Turismo Sophy!

This event will close on 29 March, so please enjoy this opportunity to test your mettle against GT Sophy in ‘Race Together.’

History of Sophy

Comment from Michael Spranger, Chief Operating Officer, Sony AI: “Since achieving our first goal of outracing the best Gran Turismo players, our newest challenge has been training Gran Turismo Sophy to drive competitively with a broader range of players, by continually testing and refining the agent’s driving and racing etiquette skills. As we continue to improve GT Sophy’s capabilities, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to race her against some of the best drivers in the world, and make GT Sophy available to the wider GT7 community”.

GT Sophy is a revolutionary racing AI agent launched in 2020, designed to compete against top Gran Turismo drivers and create new gaming experiences. At the start of development, the AI that could not even drive in a straight line, let alone overtake a human driver. Through repeated training using cutting edge deep reinforcement learning and cloud gaming infrastructure though, the AI has evolved far enough to be able to take on the world’s top level Gran Turismo drivers.

The project held its first exhibition race ‘Race Together 2021’ in June 2021, and on February 10 this year was featured in Nature magazine.