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Racing Simulators From Realistic to Arcade

Racing Simulators From Realistic to Arcade

The popularity of racing simulators and games has seen a massive growth in the market, but the question is what is realistic or arcade?

Racing is one of life’s passions for many around the world. There are millions of people who are incredibly enthusiastic about this type of sport, with petrolheads all over the planet tuning in to sporting events such as Formula 1, Moto GP, and other competitive racing.

Of course, the popularity that is being experienced – and continues to grow – means there has been an opportunity for other industries to get involved and capitalize. For example, there have been many instances whereby manufacturers have looked to sell licensed products, whereas game developers have got themselves involved, too.

Whether it be video games or even casino racing-themed titles available at 最好的線上賭場 where it is possible to find sites that host them and can enhance the overall experiences that are enjoyed when watching competitive racing, there is no doubt that gaming has become a significant part of the passion for many.

As a result, players are always looking to try and find the most realistic sims possible. However, there are some that simply enjoy classic arcade-style versions, too! Let’s take a look at the most realistic titles available, and then the best arcade versions.

Assetto Corsa & Project Cars 2 – Most Realistic

When looking for game titles that offer realism, then there are perhaps no better options available at the moment than “Assetto Corsa” or “Project Cars 2”. Each of these titles provides players with a variety of features that drivers would need to consider in real life, thus providing a truly authentic experience. For instance, “Assetto Corsa” requires players to consider driving physics and car handling, while “Project Cars 2” combines natural elements such as the weather into its gameplay on real-life tracks.

Gran Turismo Sport, Forza, Need For Speed, Burnout – Arcade Games

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of arcade racing sims available to play at the moment, with each of them offering a fun driving game experience. While they may lack realism, there is no denying that these games can be incredibly fun.

Examples of titles that can be considered to fit in the arcade category can include “Gran Turismo Sport”, “Forza”, “Need For Speed”, and “Burnout”. Each of these titles allows players to drive some of the most luxurious sports cars where they are able to kit them up with the latest features and tech, while also racing them on designed circuits around tracks and streets.

Many of these titles have managed to stand the test of time as they have remained popular with hardcore and casual gamers alike, and with a number of fun modes available, it is hardly a surprise that they are enjoyed by more than realistic offerings.


As mentioned, racing is a huge passion for a vast number of the world’s population, which is why it is not so surprising that there are a number of gaming titles available to pick and choose from nowadays!

With so many great titles available now ranging from ultra-realistic simulations such as Assetto Corsa all the way down to pure adrenaline-fueled arcade experiences like Burnout, there truly is something for everyone no matter what level racer you may be!

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