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CMS VWSC Championship rFactor 2 Portimao Report

CMS Championship rFactor 2

The CMS VWSC Championship in rfactor 2 visited Portimao for round 2, here we have the race report.

CMS keeps the sim racing community informed on how the racing has been through the past week in their rFactor 2 leagues, recently the VWSC visited Portimao. Covering a selection of races and different disciplines, CMS knows what it takes to keep this community vibrant and ever growing.

For the second year running at Portimao, the CMS VWSC championship fielded over 40 cars on the track during the second round of the 2023 championship. Qualifying was hectic, with incidents for both the Hypercar and LMGT3 classes and Brandon Gant feeling the pain of a compromised run that cost him a chance at pole for the LMGT3s.

It was all roses for Mia Rose however, as she seized the Hypercar pole position with a lap of 1:28.696, with Philippe Henrique taking pole in Hypercar Am in 1:31.169. In LMGT3 class Elisio Netto claimed the pole position at 1:40.788 while in LMGT3 Am class the first place in the start went to Stephen Miller who set at 1:42.741.

It was a clean start for both classes as drivers paid close attention to the start procedures. With penalties from the Daytona race needing to be served very soon after the start, within 3 laps the Hypercars had closed up on back of the the LMGT3 AM where Luiz Lemos languished after serving his penalty.

CMS Championship rFactor 2
Despite the close nature of the track, there were only 2 retirements, a credit to the respect the drivers showed each other and the small number of incidents. At the checkered flag, it was Mia Rose that had won the Hypercar class with a hat trick pole, win and fastest lap. She completed an amazing strategy, mastering how to drive in the rollercoaster circuit of Portimao and leaving her competition behind. In Hypercar Am, Wayne Hutchison claimed the win using consistency as key for this exceptional win.

Elisio Netto (Visceral Esports) won the second round of VWSC closing his gap in standing to the LMGT3 leader, Vasilis Katerinakis while in LMGT3 Am Craig Pullen completed an outstanding race to finish in 1st after skillfull navigation of the traffic throughout the race.

TOP 5 Results:
HYPERCAR Fastest lap:1:31.197 by Mia Rose
1-Mia Rose
2-Wouter de Brujin
3-Cameron Barker
4-Ross Smith
5-George Angelidis

TOP 5 Results:
HYPERCAR AM Fastest lap:1:33.416 by Maximilian Putrafki
1-Wayne Hutchison
2-Barry Dimarzo
3-Coen Garling
4-Guilherme Bencke
5-Philippe Henrique

LMGT3 Fastest lap:1:41.638 by Elisio Netto
1-Elisio Netto
2-Luciano Ichazo
3-Brandon Gant
4-Jamie Zolecki
5-Vasilis Katerinakis

LMGT3 AM Fastest lap:1:43.915 by Brendan McVeigh
1-Craig Pullen
2-Brendan McVeigh
3-Stephen Miller
4-Stuart Barge
5-Mike Buice

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