BeamNG.Drive Gets an Update Full of Adjustments and Balancing

BeamNG.Drive Gets an Update Full of Adjustments and Balancing

BeamNG.Drive releases a patch update that fixes and resolves some issues after the latest major update. Check it out and get involved with this great title.

BeamNG.Drive is that sim title that you are deep into or never heard of. Well, it is amazing to shorten a story and if you have a PC, get to it. Recently, a patch update was released.

Greetings everyone,

We are bringing you another small hotfix today, which should resolve several issues that were reported after the latest major release. If you encounter any further issues, feel free to reach out through our support form:


  • Autobello Stambecco
    • Population tweaks – allowed Autobello Stambeco to spawn in traffic
  • FPU Wydra
    • Added production years to info
  • Gavril Barstow
    • Fixed an issue where the engine would keep running after the subframe was torn off the body
  • SP Dunekicker
    • Fixed steering lock
  • SP Rockbasher
    • Fixed engine break group
    • Added production years to info
  • East Coast, USA
    • Fixed floating trees
  • ETK Driver Experience Center
    • Fixed missing material on procedural track time trials
  • Industrial Site
    • Improved performance of tall plants
  • Johnson Valley
    • Optimized polycount of truck mesh
    • Fixed antenna collision
    • Fixed GPS road around the junction
    • Fixed a hole in the highway mesh
    • Fixed low detail road markings
    • Fixed several console errors
  • Jungle Rock Island
    • Fixed an issue with river on the small dam
  • Small Island, USA
    • Fixed ring race GPS display
  • Utah, USA
    • Added a brand to the Canyon gas station
    • Fixed glass material transparency
    • Fixed incorrect zone in west tunnel
  • West Coast, USA
    • Improved Movie studio / canyon road intersection
    • Cleaned up Movie studio sidewalk
    • Fixed inverted collision surface on quarry support structure
    • Fixed a hole in terrain near one of the highway overpasses
  • Common

    : Updated depthmap on most levels

  • Fixed an issue with braked differential steering when removing wheels
  • Fixed rotators not being usable as speedometer sources
  • If the player transitions to or from walking mode while being pursued, traffic police will now continue tracking them
  • Improved speed limits for main highway in Johnson Valley
  • Slightly improved AI traffic driving at turns and corners
  • Fixed and Improved Backroads TT on ECUSA
  • Improved Small Island AI races
  • Balanced goal times on Triple Threat time trial mission on WCUSA
  • Fixed racepath detection for crawl missions
  • Fixed provided car config for Alleyway Hillclimb mission on WCUSA
Input and Force Feedback
  • Fixed bindings for PXN V10 steering wheel pedalset
  • Fixed an issue where garage mode could be opened in unintended ways
  • Fixed an issue where icons in the overview map would not appear correctly if a map did not contain any missions
  • Mid engine and turbo unfiltered in cabin view
  • Mix structure change for doors when in cabin
  • Implemented cabin filter tweaks
  • Optimized tire cabin filters, reducing performance requirements
  • Fixed an issue where launcher would use Locale (date, currency settings) instead of Windows Interface Language
World Editor
  • Added Groundcover UV Tool
  • Improved usability of Vehicle Screenshot Creator
Flowgraph Editor
  • Fixed broken function of Next Mission button for the end screen; this fixes campaign missions such as the ones for ETK Driver Experience Center

About is an incredibly realistic driving game with near-limitless possibilities. Our soft-body physics engine simulates every component of a vehicle in real time, resulting in true-to-life behavior. With years of meticulous design, intensive research and experience, the simulation authentically recreates the excitement of real world driving.