American Truck Simulator Oklahoma Truck Stops DLC

American Truck Simulator Oklahoma Truck Stops DLC
Picture credits: American Truck Simulator

The upcoming Oklahoma Truck Stops DLC in American Truck Simulator looks super cool. Truckers, your rest stop awaits!

You truckers and haulers in American Truck Simulator sure do get the treats and love from the simulator title, the Oklahoma Truck Stops DLC is coming soon. Let’s see what is in store and coming your way.

With the road network of American Truck Simulator growing larger and larger every year, the need for rest breaks as you travel across the mighty USA becomes a regular occurrence. Whilst some might like to find a small layby or other area to stop in, most players have found that Truck Stops are there go to when on a long haul!

In our upcoming Oklahoma DLC for American Truck Simulator, you’ll be sure to find plenty of these great facilities for all truck drivers alike. All of them, have their own little way of being unique, if that be by design or in some other way!

Whether you need gas to go, a rest or even need to double check your loads weight just in case, truck stops have got it all for you. It’s also a great place to see a variety of other trucks, watch as they come and go! But be sure to arrive in time if you planning on sleeping overnight, these trucks stops can get pretty busy and you may struggle to find a parking spot.

Whilst the state of Oklahoma will have a lot to see and do, it’s always good to slow down a little and to look after yourself and your truck. So be sure to take the rest that you need between hauls and take advantage of the Truck Stops you see so often!

We look forward to featuring more upcoming content from Oklahoma! Be sure to follow our social media channels for all the latest news, teasers and more on the go! If it’s OK, we’d like to ask to you to add Oklahoma to Steam Wishlist too! We appreciate the support of those who have done already and we can’t wait to have you visit this great state; until then, keep on truckin’!

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