Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #50

Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #50

Continuing with our women in sim racing blogs in 2023, Eliza Indriani has hit a great achievement of 50 blogs.

Our resident blogger Eliza Indriani has hit a positive landmark of 50 personal blogs here at Simrace247 with her Women in sim racing blogs, congratulations Eliza!

Hello, welcome to my 50th blog on simrace247! Hope you all are having a fantastic week and have some fun racing with your friends or do some official sessions 😉

Sorry for not being too active lately on Twitch or social media, I’ve been focusing on content creation lately and I was focused on practicing at Daytona for my first 24 hour race in iRacing. I felt so tired most of the days, I need to take a day-off to recharge my energy and focus more on practice behind the stream, so I can deliver some good races for my viewers.

Last week I had a race in Daytona 24 with Vandelay Racing Industries. I put all my focus to this event, that’s why I didn’t do a regular stream. I was preparing myself to race with Ash and the United Sim Team. UST were planning to run in Daytona 24 but we had to cancel it cuz we didn’t have enough drivers. Hopefully we can do endurance next time in the Bathurst 12.

Ok so how did I end up racing with Ash? A lot of people are asking me that. Back in December 2022 Ash asked me to race with her in this event. I couldn’t say no to it, Ash is a fun girl and I love her personality. Always enjoyed watching her stream. Racing with her is gonna be fun! We drive the Mercedes AMG GT3; I felt awkward at first driving this car. I always take the Audi racing at this track, I feel most comfortable in the Audi. Mercedes has a different character that I found out later after a few hours driving in this car. I started to enjoy driving and keep up with my pace.

This was Cierra’s first endurance race ever, she raced mostly in the Oval. For me, Ash, and Quackers this wasn’t our first time. We had some 24H races before. With more experience in endurance, I wanted to help Cierra as much as I can to make her feel comfortable and enjoy her first endurance. I must admit it was such a brave move to jump into long endurance, I’m so proud of her.

Also during the preparation of our Daytona 24, Ash managed everything nicely from the schedule, time availability for the roster, etc. With all of this preparation, we’re so ready to jump into the race.

Daytona 24 with Vandelay Racing Industries

Last Friday I did a 24 hour race at Daytona International Speedway with AshVandelay, Cierraces, and Quackers. This was my first 24 hour race in iRacing. I felt excited going into this race; it happened on my Birthday, so I decided to do a birthday stream and also my very first charity stream (we’ll talk about it later).

Quackers did the Qualifying and the first 2 hours; we started at P14 out of 48 drivers on the grid. Quackers did a really great job in his first 2 hours of the race.

I drove for the next 2 hours, honestly, I struggled at this time. I didn’t feel confident driving this car. We lost some position, I played it safe and kept this car on the track. It’s a long race, I can push it later on my next stint.

Cierra did the next 2 hours and she drove really well in her first endurance race. Her main goal is to not go off the track. I can see her improvement from the first time we practiced together.

Car felt so much better at night, I found my pace back and had a pretty great stints. I was consistent and I could keep our position at P15 with no crash. I had an incident but I didn’t really think about it. Car was fine so I didn’t care.

Unfortunately, we got into an accident when Cierra was driving. We got punted and the car was broken. We decided to drive this car back to the pit and do some repairs. It was hard to drive this broken car, and I bet that wasn’t a great experience for Cierra. But we couldn’t expect a nice clean 24 hours race, things like this will always happen. We still had around 18 hours, still a long way to go.

We did the required repair and I suggested Cierra do another 2 minutes of optional repair and see how the car feels. Car felt so much better than before, but we lost some speed. Cierra decided to keep on driving and finish her stints.

We were at P34 when Cierra gave the car to Ash. We decided to do the optional repair, which took us another 17 minutes. We lost so much time repairing the damage that we had, it’s gonna be tough for Ash, Quackers, and me to get our position back. But we were here for fun and to finish the race. I had to take a rest because I still need to drive on the next day. I can’t keep the stream running because of some technical issue so I had to stop my stream and go back live at my next stints.

I was surprised that we were in the top 20 when I woke up and was ready to do my final 2 hours drive at this race. Ash and Quackers did a really great job on their stints while me and Cierra got some hours of sleep. We finished at P17, that was a great race and I’m so proud of my teammates!

Women Sim Racing Eliza Indriani

There are some ups and downs in this race, It’s hard to find a little amount of sportsmanship in this race, even 1 guy was being toxic to our team. It was a fun but not too nice experience for me to be completely honest with you. But 1 thing that makes me enjoy this stream is my friends and my loyal viewers. I’m so grateful to receive so much support from all of you and also my teammates.

My first birthday and charity stream went sooo great! Thank you to Leo Moura, Jelle Damstra, and everyone else who came to support my charity for Sekolah Kami. We raised around $200. Last week was a blast!

This week I’ll be racing in the GT4 series at Fuji International Speedway and in the Skip Barber Series at Watkins Glen. Both are pretty fun tracks, looking forward to racing and learning more in sim racing! Come join my stream from Wednesday to Friday at 20:00 CST!

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