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Williams Esports Daytona iRacing Announcement & my Personal Thoughts

Williams Esports Daytona iRacing Announcement & my Personal Thoughts

Williams Esports speaks out on the Daytona 24hr iRacing incident(s), along with some thoughts of my own

With the ongoing debacle with Williams Esports in the Daytona 24hr event in iRacing, they have put out a tweet and response. Along with this, I think it is important to put down my own personal thoughts as this will clear the air from my side.

Williams Esports Official Tweet

Now read into that what you will, but i want to add to this from my own opinion as I have received hate mail, been called a Williams Esports fanboy and more just because I promote Williams Esports media and events. To be clear, and I do mean clear, I am in no way affiliated with Williams Esports nor will I get involved in any dispute that claims I take the side of what many call a “cheating team”.

I promote Williams Esports events, cover aspects of the team and more. Why do I do this, well its obvious, I am a sim racing website. I promote and support many aspects within sim racing and Williams Esports are a team that approached me a while back to give greater exposure on their team, events and more. I do this for sim racing and the community, and I will continue to support many in the community.

My Opinion on the Daytona 24hr incidents

Myself, and many are not racing stewards or event organisers, so lets get that one out their quick. I see many people being the next FIA president on social media from the sofa. Again, to be clear, because that what is needed here, it is down to the event organisers and stewards to determine the outcome of what happened.

The way I see it, and this will piss some people off so deal with it. Williams Esports, like any other team in pro sim racing or real world motorsport, pushed to the very edge, and beyond of the rules and tested the water to see what would happen, any team could have done it. If the stewards and race control did not issue a warning or penalties during these scenarios, can we blame the teams as they have not been issued a warning? As far as they see it, its fine, carry on.

Look at previous scenarios within Formula 1 where teams and even designers have pushed the envelope and found a workaround of the rules and will continue to do so, until told to stop or suffer the consequences. You know your motorsport? comment below on these things, lets see who is on the ball here.

Like Seb Hawkins the Williams Esports team manager said ” the game needs to be stricter” he has literally told the event organisers and public that it is not enforced correctly! So that is where I stand with things, it is down to iRacing stewards, and race control to dictate the event and enforce the rules during the event, call me a fanboy (im not) Williams Esports did what any pro racing team would do, they pushed the envelope to their advantage until told otherwise, and that dear readers, is racing.



Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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