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CarX Drift Racing Online Patch PTR 2.16.1 Released

CarX Drift Racing Online Patch PTR 2.16.1 Released

Drifters, yes you folk that like to go sideways and burn rubber. CarX Drift Racing Online has released a patch for the drifting title.

Fans and drivers of CarX Drift Racing Online can now check out the latest patch release for the drifting title. Will it be a millimeter perfect patch or will the wall get scrubbed and bend a fender?

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  • Added Customs – slots for saving modifications and swaps
  • Optimized loading of engines


  • Fixed gearbox settings to flow between mods and swaps


  • Added VR support in TOP-32
  • Added button to center screen position and player position
  • Added mouse cursor in VR mode
  • Fixed automatic hiding of the interface in a paired drift

Please, take not, that in case you’ll switch from 2.16.1 PTR version back to 2.16.0, all your custom slots will be gone.
How can I play the PTR update 2.16.1?

1. Go to the Steam library
2. Right Click on CarX Drift Racing Online
3. Select properties
4. Go to the BETA VERSIONS tab
5. Select latest PTR version

About the game

CarX Drift Racing is all about realistic driving physics, detailed customization and tuning of car parameters, a number of cities and special racing track locations, an array of vinyls to design the look of your vehicle, open online rooms and competitions enhanced with new graphics.

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