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Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #49

Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #49

Continuing with our women in sim racing blogs in 2023, Eliza Indriani drops by for blog #49. Let’s see what’s she has been up to and what’s in store.

Our women in sim racing blogs continue in 2023, Eliza Indriani drops by to give us blog #49, lets catch up and see whats in store and upcoming.

Hello and welcome to my 49th blog on simrace247! It’s been almost 1 year since I’m writing a weekly blog here! It’s been a fun and interesting journey for me. I enjoy and love this more and more every day. I’m so happy to share my sim racing journey with you all. Thank you for always spending time reading my blog!

Last week I had a lot of races in the GT3 series. We were racing at Daytona International Speedway both in fixed and open setup. I was excited to get into this race; I love this track and I feel confident with my pace in the Audi. Also, I need to practice hard for my first Daytona 24 this weekend.

Unfortunately, the first day I got into the VRS Sprint Series I struggled a lot in the race. I couldn’t avoid an incident, the car was broken and it was hard to gain back position after. I learned a lot from my first day racing at this track. Although I had the pace and confidence, I needed to get more experience racing at this track.

I learned from my mistakes, I had a great race on the next day. I started at P6, had a nice battle, lost position, and finished strong in P5. It was a great and rewarding race for me.

On Saturday I did a VRS Endurance at Daytona with my friend Kirk ( This was his first endurance race and I never had any race with him before. So this endurance is gonna be fun.

We qualified at 21st, the gap between each driver was pretty close. First lap was a bit chaotic, we dropped down to P42. It’s a long race, anything could happen. Our car was fine so we could continue the race.

We were at P13 when Kirk gave the car to me. I had a pretty good stint and everything went so well in the race. We finished at P10, it’s a really great result. We gained 32 positions in a 3 hour race, we didn’t crash, and didn’t get any penalty. And the most important thing is, I gained more experience racing at this track.

This weekend I’ll be racing in the iRacing VCO Daytona 24 Special Event. I will be racing with Team AshVandelay! I’m so excited to get into this race, this is gonna be my first Daytona 24, and it’s on my birthday! I will do a charity stream for Sekolah Kami or “Our School”. I decided to support this school because I always wanted to support other people to get a higher education. I believe through education we could shape a better future. Check out their website to get to know them more!

So, yeah. This weekend is gonna be fun. A bit nervous, though. First time doing a birthday and charity stream, in my first Daytona 24. Wish me luck for that, come follow my Twitch to get a live notifications.

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