Sir Spats Racing

Building on his gaming channel, Sir Spats will now have his own Racing channel which covers many more aspects. Check it out, join and have fun.

Yep, our featured creator Sir Spats now has his own racing channel. Building on his success with highlighting mods in the sim racing genre, it would be fitting to grow out and reach to more in the racing scene.

Sir Spats

With 2022 behind us, Sir Spats Gaming has a number of exciting developments in January 2023! We have now launched our sister channel, Sir Spats Racing! Our main channel will continue to produce all the fantastic content on Assetto Corsa including mods, guides and tutorials, with he new channel linking into my passion for a much wider range of sim racing. This will include other games, Esports, real life motorsport and more racing!I am very excited to be able to have a platform to build a wider community and bring Sir Spats to more people.

Sir Spats Racing
Picture by ¥Swagz¥ from the Sir Spats community

We are happy to support Sir Spats in his sim racing adventures that brings more to the community and wider audiences, great job Spats!