Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #48

Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #48

Continuing with our women in sim racing blogs in 2023, Eliza Indriani drops by for blog #48. Let’s see what’s she has been up to and what’s in store.

Our women in sim racing blogs continue in 2023, Eliza Indriani drops by to give us blog #48, lets catch up and see whats in store and upcoming.

Hello and welcome to my 48th blog on simrace247! Last week I had a pretty busy week; streaming for about 5 hours a day, and I was racing in VCO x LFM FLEXtreme with the United Sim Team. Also, I was working on my upcoming fun project, can’t wait to show you my new project! Hopefully I’ll be able to start within the next week.

So last week I did a lot of streaming on iRacing and finally came back to compete on ACC. Lot of things happened last week, good and bad. But overall, I can say I’m improving, and I gained a lot of experience, which is great! Alright, let’s get to it. Enjoy!

Skip Barber Race Series at Sonoma

In the 4th week of the first season, I was racing in the Skip Barber Race Series at Sonoma Raceway. I took this series because I want to drive around this beautiful track and gain more experience.

I feel that the more I race at Sonoma, the more I love this track. This is a very technical track, yet fun. Every corner at this track is interesting and driving the Skip Barber Formula 2000 is super fun!

Unfortunately, there weren’t many drivers racing at this track. Sometimes I raced with a lot of people who had a high iR. I used this opportunity to learn from them and (of course) to have fun.

Honestly, I really enjoyed racing here. People were so nice and respectful to each other, which is kinda hard to find nowadays. I had such fun races here and I could gain SR and iR. It was nice sharing this track with some experienced drivers, hopefully I could win a race here one day!

You can rewatch my race on YouTube: Youtube

GT4 Falken Series at Daytona International Speedway

Last week I also had a race at Daytona International Speedway in the GT4 Falken Series. I never raced here before, and there were a lot of fast drivers with higher iR. So I can say I was racing in a quite strong field.

I qualified at P21; although I made improvements on my driving, that wasn’t enough to put me in at least top 15. Starting pretty much from the back, my plan for this race is just to survive and gain experience.

There were lots of crashes in front of me in the first lap (or maybe the first 5 minutes of the race). Luckily, I can avoid all those incidents, I was consistent as well. I gained 10 positions in total, I finished at P11. That was a really good race.

VCO x LFM FLEXtreme round 3 at Barcelona

On Saturday I was racing with Yvonne and Sophie in VCO x LFM FLEXtreme round 3 at Barcelona. This was the first time I raced for the United Sim Team and it felt good to get back to ACC after months of break. We were driving the Porsche 992 GT3 Cup, it’s not an easy car to drive and Barcelona is also a tricky track. Although this is my weak track, I took the opportunity anyway to learn more about this track.

I must say, this race is one of the hardest races for me. I didn’t feel confident with myself during my stint, I didn’t know why. Maybe because I was racing in a competitive field, I put pressure on myself and it ended up not being good for my performance. Sophie and Yvonne did so well in this race, they drove more than me. I honestly feel bad about it, I wish I could do better.

It’s still hard for me to get better at Barcelona until today. Maybe I haven’t spent enough time to learn this track, or maybe this is my least favorite track. Hope I can deliver a better result for the United Sim Team next time, and also I hope I’ll slowly get better and love racing at Barcelona.

So yeah, this race is not a good race for me. Hope I will do better next time I’m racing here.

This week I’ll be racing in the Porsche Cup Series at Hockenheimring and more GT3 races at Daytona. On Saturday I will do the VRS Endurance series with Lem0nteaGG and I’ll do the ROAR later at night. Come join my stream and say Hi in chat! Twitch.tv/elzindriani

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