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Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #43

Women In Sim Racing Eliza Indriani Blog #43

We catch up with Eliza Indriani and her women in sim racing blogs. She is a great person to check out in the sim racing community.

Eliza Indriani keeps us posted with her weekly women in sim racing blogs, detailing all the events, streams and more, be sure to check out her socials provided.

Hello and welcome to my 43rd blog! I had a great race to share with you and I can’t wait until Thursday! So, yeah. Here’s another blog for you to read; hope you guys love this blog.

Last Sunday I was racing in the Next Level Racing Christmas Mania, this is their annual event and also their last event of 2022. I was so excited to race in this event; There were lots of friends and people I know racing with me so it is definitely going to be a fun race. Also, we were using a special livery for this event, we were running an ugly sweater livery theme! I saw lots of cute cars around the track and it’s so fun!

In this event we were racing in the new Toyota GR86 in Oulton Park. I never drove this car before and I don’t race that often at this track. So I spent some time practicing and got the feeling of driving this car. I had some practice with my friends Yvonne, Danny, Cameron, and Keenan. They motivated me to do better and faster, so it was nice to have them in my team.

I was a bit nervous going into the first race; I was slower during the Qualifying than when I was in practice. I started from P13 and finished at P8 at the first race. I had a really good race, got my pace, I drove pretty nice, it was a great race!

I made it to the main race. With lots of experienced drivers on the track, I didn’t expect to be in the main race to be honest. There were some drivers with over 8K iR, and I saw lots of people doing 1:51s in Qualifying. I think my personal best in Qualifying was around 1:54, which was almost 3 seconds slower. I started from P30, I just tried to do my best in this 30 minutes race. It was a tough race, but it was less boring; I had a fun race with my friend Nick defending and tried to overtake him for almost 20 minutes.

I finished at P25 at the main race, not happy with the result but this is the best I can do for now. I should feel happy with the result; racing with lots of experienced drivers, I don’t have much experience racing at this track with this car and still made it to the final and finished the race, it was a good achievement. Now it’s time to train harder and hope I can show my progress in the next event.

Thank you Next Level Racing for hosting such a great event, always had a blast racing in their community races.


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