Storm Gang Simulation World Sportscar 1998 Mods rFactor 2

Step right up and join in with these fantastic Storm Gang Simulation World Sportscar 1998 Mods in rFactor 2.

If you love racing, then these Storm Gang Simulation World Sportscar 1998 Mods for rFactor 2 have got your name on it. An absolutely superb era of race cars.

World Sportscar 1998
1998 was a blowout for world endurance racing. The FIA removed prototypes from the limelight after the killing off SWC in 1993. In 1994, the BPR Global GT Series stepped in with production sportscars on the world stage with the McLaren F1 GTR dominating as a supercar superweapon. Other manufacturers took notice and brought their own “homologation specials”. By 1997, the FIA took over, splitting the classes into GT1 for the new “quasi-prototype” GT entries and GT2 for the previous production-based models.

Several manufacturers piled in, grasping for glory across the world. Many of the cars, especially in the GT2 class, would find their way to IMSA while the GT1’s were truly built for Le Mans. But with manufacturer spending, comes rising costs. As Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota and Nissan waged their arms race, the series blew out costs and Mercedes’ dominance saw many hit eject.
By the 2000’s prototype racing was back and production-based super GT’s were finished. But for a brief period, in the fervor of creativity and passion for motorsport, the world saw incredible battles and cars like never before.

Come join the series that went out with a bang before the new millennium. Developed by Storm Gang Simulation in cooperation with:

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