Shutoko Tatsumi Traffic 2Real Assetto Corsa Mod

What better way to test your driving in this massive free traffic mod with hundreds of cars in Assetto Corsa. Shutoko Tatsumi traffic 2Real is something you need.

Imagine driving Shutoko with plenty of traffic, well now you can thanks to this great and free Tatsumi Traffic 2Real Assetto Corsa mod. We are pleased to present this great demonstration video by SirSpats gaming on this fantastic mod by Tominator21 that has over 25km of roads to explore. If you want to know how to get it all setup, SirSpats has got you covered in the video. Some people enjoy track racing, others enjoy cruises, some enjoy realistic scenarios, and this mod does just that.

This mod gives me those midnight club vibes where extreme street racing is taken to another level. Thankfully, this is in a video game and we can enjoy it safely.

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