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Sim Racing And Its Competitive Edge

Sim Racing And Its Competitive Edge

The rise of sim racing has seen it grow into a competitive gaming genre full of big payout prizes and more.

The competitive sim racing genre brings racers from all over the world to compete in high stakes races on a grand scale. If you thought sim racing was just a bunch of people that play video games in their spare time, you are wrong.

Sim racing is massive, it is extremely competitive and packed with professional teams and drivers that are supported by real world motorsport manufactures and teams. Your favourite F1 team has a professional Esports team, and they take it very seriously. With streams aired live to millions of people around the world, the attraction to sports betting sites has never been greater. The virtual world of racing has seen massive numbers attending with the F1 Pro Esports Series seeing 30 million people tuning in for the 2020 season and still maintaining views.

The prizes

Crossing the finishing line for a pro sim racing team in first place may be a great experience, but the prizes for winning a championship can be off the scale. Big money payouts are not uncommon, but it can progress into greater things. Drivers have had the chance to go on and have opportunities in the world of real motorsport, sim racing is a great platform for race teams to scout new talent for its motorsport team.

Your favourite motorsport racer enjoys sim racing

Formula 1 drivers, INDYCAR racers and more all have a passion for sim racing. Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen, George Russell, Lando Norris, Pierre Gasly ,Indy 500 winners Juan Pablo Montoya and Simon Pagenaud, former World Champions Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button participate in sim racing events and even have their own teams. As you can see, the attraction and enjoyment of sim racing is widely supported by many famous drivers and champions.

The racing titles

This is where it gets very interesting, you see, with the whole sim racing genre being so competitive, many titles have an attraction to teams and drivers. Sure, iRacing is seen as a dominant force within the genre but other sim racing titles such as Gran Turismo 7, rFactor 2 and Assetto Corsa Competizione and more have great recognition. It’s all about being competitive and challenging your rivals and teams to win.

How can you get involved

Now you may be thinking that you need some super skills or the latest and greatest console or PC to be competitive. The truth is, you don’t, all you need is to have the will to be competitive and check out some great guides, and get lots of practice and miles racked up. Practice is always a great thing to see through, it helps you understand your vehicle, driving style and track layouts. At first you may feel frustrated by not being at the sharp end of races, but keep at it, racing against higher level racers can give you lots of experience that will pay off.

Sim racing equipment

When we look at the equipment that is available in the sim racing genre, it really is something special. Direct drive wheels, sturdy sim rigs, racing pedals that cost more than you can imagine, it goes on. This is something you can aspire to, or if you wish, go for it straight away and head into the vast catalogues of equipment.


If you were on the fence about taking up sim racing or getting involved in competitive events, now is as good a time as any to join in and hit the track. With so many racing communities available to join, or even start your own, taking part and joining this fantastic gaming genre has never easier.


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