A New Team Arises As eTeam BRIT Calls It A Day

A New Team Arises As eTeam Brit Calls It A Day

Popular sim racing team eTeam BRIT calls it a day, but a new team arises from the horizon, Simrace247 has got the details.

In a shock announcement, we have had an exclusive from team manager for eTeam BRIT Yvonne Houffelaar that the team will no longer continue. But like all things that end, something good must come from it and that is exactly what has happened. The team and drivers will still continue under a new name United Sim Team” and will continue to support racers in the sim racing community.

eTeamBRIT is going to stop, and get a rebrand!!

United Sim Team
When Yvonne Houffelaar and Sophie Aeronwen heard that Team BRIT was going to stop, they were sad and surprised, but thought right away they need to give our drivers a new opportunity!! They asked if it was ok to rebrand eTeamBRIT, and it was!! So they had chosen the name, United Sim Team! “It doesn’t matter where you come from, if you have a disability or not, everyone is welcome”!!

Yvonne had a meeting with Darren (Simrace247.com), and he said that he will support the team and all the drivers!! Yvonne stated “I’m looking forward to our cooperation, which was already a great success!
There will be a livery reveal, schedule articles, news about the team and drivers. Thanks Darren for your support, and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve together, which was already a lot”!!

Darren B Editor in Chief for Simrace247.com: Supporting teams and drivers in the sim racing genre is extremely important to the social well being of people.

Sim racing, for many can be that escapism that many need to feel comfortable and socially enjoy with people, as well as highlighting great talent. We fully stand by the decision that eTeam BRIT called it a day, but we will strive to support those for the future and wish the new team great success.

I am very pleased that Yvonne approached me to discuss the future plans and how she has embraced our efforts here at Simrace247 to support those in the sim racing genre.