Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #80

Women In Sim Racing Yvonne Houffelaar Blog #80

Women in sim racing here at simrace247 continues with our weekly blog from Yvonne Houffelaar. Let’s catch up with her for blog #80.

Women in sim racing continues with our resident female sim racing blogger Yvonne Houffelaar. This week in blog #80 we catch up with her sim racing events and more.

Welcome to my eighty weekly blog!!

A huge thanks to Darren from Simrace247.com, he made so much possible for me! It’s great to work with you and sharing our love for (sim)racing and people!!


My life is a lot about simracing and racing, I keep a lot private about my private life. Last week I decided to change that. I’m also a human, and my life is not only about simracing and racing. We had a beautiful memorial from my grandmother. We light up a candle for everyone who passed away. It was emotional, we lost a lot of family members and friends due to cancer or other illness. I decided to share it on my discord channel, and send love to everyone!


More Female Racers
On Monday 20-11-2022, was round 3 of The Sim Grid More Female Racers. 2x 30 minutes races at Imola. I practiced a lot, but my pace wasn’t good. I qualified P17 on the back of the Silver Class. I had a good start and gained a few places. Because my pace wasn’t good enough, the Vonn Train was created. I had 5 cars very close behind me. Unfortunately, one of the drivers spun me around. I tried to make the best out of the race, but it was very disappointing. I finished P11 in Silver Class, and P14 overall. The second race I started at P14. Due to the lack of my pace, the Vonn Train was there very quickly. This time I was more lucky, they were starting to fight behind me, and it gave me some air. I just held my pace, and I drove the whole race in 0.5 tenths of a second. I finished P8 in Silver class, P11 overall. It was a frustrating round, my lack of pace is all in the brake pedal. I’m going to practice a lot, to use my clutch (on the steering wheel) as brake, and throttle on the pedal.

Believe and Achieve
Next week will be very important. I’m talking on stage at the ADAC Simracing Expo, which is a huge opportunity! Also a lot of things are going to change, and I will tell you all about it in my next weekly blog!!

Upcoming races:

  • 26-11-2022 : Buttkicker Britcar 24 hour at Silverstone
  • 27-11-2022: Race Asylum GT4 Team Tourer Final Round at Trail Mountain
  • 29-11-2022 : DTM Tribute 2022 Final Round at Red Bull Ring

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