Black Week Sale in RaceRoom Has Started

Black Week Sale in RaceRoom Has Started

With cars and tracks at a discounted rate, the RaceRoom Black Week sale has now started and well worth checking out today!

Now is the time to grab yourself a bargain as the Black WEEK sale has started in RaceRoom, the biggest Sale of the year has started! This great sim racing title is well worth checking out. It has a broad variety of tracks and cars that appeals to many.

🔥 Up to 50% discount during BlackWeek

  • 180+ cars
  • 50+ tracks
  • Accurate physics
  • High quality Force Feedback
  • Immersive sounds
  • Epic ranked multiplayer system

Raceroom has been producing high quality sim racing content for almost a decade, and the Black Week sale is the perfect time to get your hands on all of it in one go – for one amazing price. The Premium Pack contains all our racecars and tracks; we’ve got one of the most diverse sets of sim content on the market, with over 180 cars from every major category and covering 50 years of motorsport, complemented by over 50 internationally renowned tracks.

Raceroom allows you to race the cars you want, when you want: it features accurate physics with high quality force feedback effects, immersive sounds and an epic ranked multiplayer system where you can test your skills against other drivers!