MasterCup Rally Semi Finals Dirt Rally 2


MasterCup Rally Semi Finals Dirt Rally 2

Fans of Dirt Rally 2.0, the MasterCup Community continues with great races and events, the semi finals for season 2 are coming.

Our rally partners over at the MasterCup Community in Dirt Rally 2.0 keep us posted on their events, coming up is the semi finals for season 2.

This is it ladies and gents, it’s time for the semi finals of the MasterCup Rally in season 2, it’s been a rough battle for our drivers as we watched them climb and fall in the standings. For this years semi’s we find ourselves in FWD H2 historic class.

Over 15 driver’s entering event 10 trying their best to survive the gruelling 12 stages on the snow and ice mountain stages of Monaco, 3 drivers’ fell victim to curse of terminal damage forcing them to accept defeat. The championship board changing dramatically as a result from it. As we draw closer to the end of the year a lot of drivers from across the world are getting ready for the festive times, which meant that some of the lower positioned drivers got pushed up in the standings.

Best of luck to all MCR drivers see you at the finish line, it’s going to get really bumpy to the end. Can’t wait to see how our drivers will be taking on this event, will you take the risk and go all out hoping rise in the standings for the semi finals or play it safe and just try to survive hoping you’d keep your spot in the standings? Be sure to check out our llink where you can join the MasterCup Rally series. Once you joined, be sure to join the MCR discord where you can chat with fellow members.

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