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New Sim Coaches Formula Wheel Reveal

Tune in and check out the live stream reveal for the new upcoming Sim Coaches Formula wheel. “The New Standard in Sim Racing Wheels is Coming Soon”.

With all the excitement of new sim racing products coming out and being highlighted for release, Sim Coaches has their new Formula Wheel being revealed on November 24th. If you have been following our advertorial articles here at Simrace247, you will know Sim Coaches is a real tour de force in the sim racing genre.

Co founder and mastermind for Sim Coaches Lawrence pushes the envelope for design and inspiration with his team and we cannot wait to see what is coming.

Sim Coaches knows of no rules, they pioneer exciting products and designs to make your mouth water. Imagine having a sketch book and designing your own products, that’s what Sim Coaches do, they get creative, and deliver. A live event is coming up for the reveal and you can tune in via the link provided below.

The New Standard in Sim Racing Wheels is Coming Soon.

  • 100% American Made – Designed, Machined and Assembled in Las Vegas, Nevada USA.
  • New Level Technology – Highest grade technology packed inside the wheel to ensure it works how it’s intended.

Join the live stream right here and keep up to date: New Formula Wheel Launch Event – Sim Coaches

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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

Joined Simrace247 in 2021, Darren has taken the website to great new heights and climbed the ladder from Editor to Editor in Chief with dedication and commitment. He is part of the PEEVEE MEDIA GROUP that is a dedicated team of people within motorsport media.

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