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Lotus Evora GT430 for Assetto Corsa

Lotus Evora GT430 for Assetto Corsa
Picture credit belongs to the creator(s)

This Lotus Evora GT430 Assetto Corsa mod is perfect for those mountain pass runs and free roam drives.

Step right up and grab this Lotus Evora GT430 Assetto Corsa mod and visit your favourite destination for a drive today. We love letting the sim racing community know of great mods.

Lotus, a car brand that is synonymous with being a driver’s car that reflects great handling and the thrill of driving. Ok that’s not their official quote on the brand, but i tell you what, it should be lol. Right then, lets get to another great mod in the sim racing community with this Lotus Evora GT430.

A focused car that will carve up the corner’s day in, day out. If you enjoy your free roam driving through the valleys, then this is a great car to have.

The GT430 has an updated version of the Lotus’s 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine. This produces 325b ft lb of torque from 4500rpm and Lotus claims 250kg of downforce is produced.


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