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Motorsport Games Entire Board of Directors Have Resigned

Motorsport Games Entire Board of Directors Have Resigned

The time of Motorsport Games could be up as the entire board of directors resigned and walked out, is the clock ticking down?

Whilst many users and gamers in the sim racing community has had a sour taste for Motorsport Games over the years, it has come to light that the entire board of directors has resigned over proposals to raise additional capital.

This is something that has been brewing for a while behind the scenes and comes as no shock to myself. Over a period of time we have seen Motorsport Games delay and hold off on its financial results.

Motorsport Games are known for titles such as:

  • NASCAR Rivals
  • NASCAR Heat
  • NASCAR 21 Ignition
  • rFactor 2
  • Kartkraft

Its official: Inline XBRL Viewer (

Recently we had seen that the postponement of the third quarter results and followed up by the  1-10 reverse stock split. Now many of you out their will have no ideas what that is about as we are all not stock exchange nerds. However, the entire board at Motorsport Games have decided to resign.

Back to the sim racing topic, we had seen various progression (objective) within some of its racing titles, but would always hear the “don’t trust MG” from many users. I think the scars of the past have stayed around for too long with some sim racers and no doubt, some will be smiling to see the downfall of Motorsport Games.



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