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Green Man Gaming Black Friday Sale is Now Live

Green Man Gaming Black Friday Sale is Now Live

If you are up for grabbing a gaming bargain, the Black Friday Green Man Gaming Sale is now on.

Award-winning global video-games retailer, publisher, and distributor Green Man Gaming has launched its Black Friday Sale jam-packed with historically low prices on some of the biggest games from the leading publishing giants.

The Green Man Gaming Black Friday Sale will run from 14 November – 30 November and along with a wealth of great savings, every 48 hours there’ll be a new Star Deal that’ll give gaming fans a limited time to grab the best possible price on a game. In addition to those limited-time offers, there’ll be a host of new publishers joining the sale throughout.

Here’s who’s joining and when so gamers can make sure they get the best deal on the game they’ve been waiting for.

Green Man Gaming Black Friday Deals Schedule 2022

17th November:

  • Bandai Namco
  • Ubisoft

18th November:

  • Bethesda

19th November:

  • Warner Bros. Games

22nd November:

  • Capcom
  • Sony
  • Bungie
  • Square Enix

Of course, that’s not all the deals in the, there are simply too many to mention. So head over to the sale page now and browse for the perfect deal. Black Friday only comes once a year, make it a good one. There will even be the chance to win a 2022 games bundle or a subscription to GeForce Now

For more information, please visit the official website –

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