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Le Mans Virtual Series: AMG Team Petronas Esports Victorious at SPA

Le Mans Virtual Series: AMG Team Petronas Esports Victorious at SPA

Yet another fine race in the Le Mans Virtual Series as AMG Team Petronas Esports stands on the top step of the podium at SPA.

After a thrilling and exciting race in the Le Mans Virtual Series at SPA on the weekend, AMG Team Petronas Esports stood on the top step in the LMP class. BMW Team Redline won the GTE class in dominating style, along with some outstanding drives from the teams and drivers.

The 6 Hours of Spa, the third round in the Le Mans Virtual Series, came to a nail-biting finish as AMG Team Petronas Esports and Bono Huis, Graham Carroll plus pro driver James Baldwin topped the podium at the iconic Spa circuit in Belgium, just 7.836 seconds ahead after six hard hours of racing. In second and third places were #1 Team Redline and #8 R8G EsportsBMW Team Redline from Chris Lulham, Kevin Siggy, and Enzo Bonito took first place in the GTE category with an impressive 25.9 second lead at the 4.35 mile/7 km long track. A gripping contest throughout on the technically challenging circuit, the event featured:

  • An exciting race where pit stop strategies played a key role in securing a place on the podium. Porsche Coanda initially dominated the race but their rivals were able to run just as fast but with shorter pit stops and slightly longer stints.

  • A right-to-the-wire battle for third place overall between Porsche Coanda and R8G Esports took place up to the final lap, with R8G Esports securing the position by just 0.129 seconds.

  • Jack Keithley for William Esports securing the fastest lap at 1:58.902 in the LMP category

  • Enzo Bonito for BMW Team Redline claimed fastest lap at 2:13.658 in the GTE category

We’re sharing the highlights of the race for news interest–you can see the full post-race report below. You can also watch the official highlights video here.

Le Mans Virtual Series, 6 Hours of Spa – Post Race Report

  • The 6 Hours of Spa, the third of five rounds of the Le Mans Virtual Series, kicked off Saturday 5th November with 120 drivers across the LMP and GTE classes taking to the start line. Star drivers such Max Verstappen, Romain Grosjean, Josh Rogers and Kevin Siggy all competed in one of the most prestigious sim racing events of the year.

  • While the Ardennes forest surrounding the Spa-Francorchamps circuit remained true to real life form and it rained in qualifying, the weather conditions fortunately remained dry but overcast during the six hour race. 

  • The race saw a whopping 171 laps and an incredible 743.85 miles travelled.

  • AMG Team Petronas Esports claimed victory in the LMP category with pro driver James Baldwin taking the chequered flag. James Baldwin maintained a modest lead over second and third places, with AMG Team Petronas Esports finishing with a total race time of 6:00:11.076.

  • After an excitable first hour, the race settled into a rhythm with Porsche Coanda initially dominating with a 18-lap stint strategy. This did not last however as competitors such as Team Redline saw more efficient pit stops with 19-lap stints.

  • Jack Keithley for William Esports secured the fastest lap at 1:58.902 in the LMP category

  • In the GTE classification, it was a convincing victory for BMW Team Redline as Kevin Siggy secured first place with an impressive lead of 25.900 and a racetime of 6:01:14.410

  • This was BMW Team Redline’s first win of the season.

  • Enzo Bonito for BMW Team Redline secured the fastest lap at 2:13.658 in the GTE category

  • Bono Huis of AMG Team Petronas Esports explained the teams ideas and fuel strategies for this intense race: “We just played the long game on fuel saving and tried to be there at the end for one less pit stop, and we were a bit worried after the first hour when they [Porsche Coanda] were 30 seconds in front as that was quite a big gap. But then, when the other guys got in the car, it sort of stabilised that gap and we were pretty confident that our strategy was going to work out. I’m very, very happy with today.”

Three more races remain in this thrilling competition before the finale of the Le Mans Virtual Series season, the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual on January 14/15, 2023, all of which will be held online on the rFactor2 platform.

  • Round 4                 500 Miles of Sebring, USA                          December 3, 2022

  • Round 5                 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual                            January 14/15, 2023

The calendar of events features some of the world’s most famous and recognizable racetracks – Monza, Spa, Bahrain, Sebring and Le Mans – which will challenge all the drivers, international FIA-licensed and sim racers alike, and thrill the millions of esports enthusiasts worldwide.

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