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Are you ready for VCARUS the Digital Race Car Manufactory that will bring you quality car designs of the highest details?

A joint project brought to you by VCO and Muniq design is coming your way, are you ready for VCARUS: THE DIGITAL RACE CAR MANUFACTORY. The goal is to bring the highest design and quality digital race cars with its Manufactory project. Better still, the implementation of these cars will be on various sim racing platforms for many users to enjoy. We for one are very happy to see these kinds of projects come to the foreground and i applaud those involved.

Munich – Virtual Competition Organisation (VCO) is adding a pioneering and innovative project to its scope of activities: VCARUS – the Digital Race Car Manufactory. Together with the experts at MUNIQ Design in Munich, who can call on years of expertise in the automotive sector, VCARUS will develop unique virtual race cars which set benchmarks in terms of design and driving physics. The plan is to implement the vehicles on relevant sim platforms, allowing the global Esports community to take to the track in VCARUS machines. RACING VISION is one way to sum up the core essence of the VCARUS brand. All the race cars to come out of the digital factory have their own unique character and, compared to their opposition from the real world, are able to explore new horizons. At the same time, they preserve the DNA of legendary cars from throughout the history of motorsport. They not only catch the eye through their unmistakable design, but will boast excellent driving properties – a fact that is particularly important to the international sim racing community. Drivers who will compete in virtual races at the wheel of a VCARUS are in no doubt what is important to them: maximum performance and driving pleasure, combined with an expressive and individual character. That is what lies at the heart of VCARUS.For months, VCO and Muniq Design have been working on the first VCARUS model, which will be officially presented at the ADAC SimRacing Expo in Nürnberg on 4th December 2022. Once the design process is completed, it will be followed over the coming weeks by the development of the driving physics. The goal for the developers is for the first VCARUS to be run for the first time by a professional team at the end of February 2023 within the Esports Racing World Cup (ERWC II), which is organised by VCO. Florian Haasper, CEO of VCO, said: “VCARUS is perhaps the most exciting project we have embarked on with VCO. Esports racing provides the perfect stage for the development of a totally new brand, and bold and innovative race cars. The rooting in the world of real motorsports is one of the cornerstones of this Esports discipline. However, we are convinced that there is still room for totally new concepts, which acknowledge real motorsport, whilst at the same time opening the door to a new generation of race cars in the virtual world, which can be driven by hundreds of thousands of sim racers all over the world. Our close partnership with MUNIQ Design is vitally important here. Christoph Sieber’s design team came into this project with a great passion for Esports – and also with a vast wealth of experience and inspiration from the real automotive industry. The result is VCARUS, a genuine forge for innovations and creativity for virtual motorsport. Racing Vision.” Christoph Sieber, Managing Director MUNIQ Design GmbH, added: “The very first time we met, Florian and I realised that this would be our collaborative project. As a passionate part-time sim racer, with Creative Director Marco Wietrzychowski leading a team of designers who love motor racing, we had the opportunity to realise every single aspect of a Racing Vision, from the initial idea to the virtual product. Working together with VCO to create VCARUS and get it to the virtual racetrack in an innovative, creative and tangible manner for the international sim racing community shows that we have achieved this.” In the future, you will find information on VCARUS on the website, as well as on Twitter (@vcarus) and Instagram (@vcarusracing).


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