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Lionheart Speedway Series iRacing Kansas Report

Lionheart Speedway Series iRacing Kansas Report

Round 17 of the Lionheart Speedway Series in iRacing visited Kansa for another great showdown. Here is your race report.

The sound of the Lionheart Speedway Series in iRacing revved up to round 17 at Kansas Speedway. Here we have the full race report from this great series, the Next Level Racing 200 was ready for action.

Written by Darren B of

Top 5 on the grid

  1. #99 Goodman
  2. #89 Degroot
  3. #5 Beard
  4. #82 Demaegd
  5. #04 G. Wood

Here we go folks, 31 drivers are ready for some fast paced action for the penultimate race of the season. Green flag and its go time for 133 laps, the opening lap is clean as the cars get up to speed. Gabe Wood gets some great momentum and heads up to P2. Wood is applying some great pressure on Goodman for the lead. Wood goes for a false send, as he tries some tactics, great stuff. 10 laps are down, and we remain green.

Wood goes for the high line move, Demaegd is looking strong in P3. Wood is controlling the high line as many of the drivers opt to draft him, great racing from the drivers in this series! the top 10 are covered by 1 second.

Lap 20 top 10

  1. Goodman
  2. G. Wood
  3. Demaegd
  4. A. Wood
  5. Beard
  6. Moll
  7. Taylor
  8. Degroot
  9. Forsythe
  10. Graaf

Andrew Wood is making moves and punches his way up to P3, Gabe Wood gets his nose into P1 as a warning shot, Goodman holds it for now. Gabe goes for the high line and Goodman gives the squeeze, Taylor moves up to P3, we knew he would be at the sharp end at some point. Taylor drafts Gabe Wood, 3 wide, Taylor is looking fast. Gabe Wood sees the speed of Taylor and does not fight for the position, Taylor goes for the move to take the lead from Goodman in style. Gabe wood takes P2, Goodman is dropping back to P7, Goodman pits at the end of lap 39.

Here we go, Gabe wood pits in at the end of lap 40 and other drivers follow suit lap after lap, the race on pit lane begins. Graaf is in the lead, and lap 50 is approaching, with the top 8 covered by 1 second. DeGroot is turning the screw on Graaf and sitting on his tail pipes, Goodman takes the lead. We are at that phase were no driver wants to lead at the moment, following is the better option.

Lap 60 top 10

  1. Goodman
  2. A. Wood
  3. Graaf
  4. Degroot
  5. Demaegd
  6. Beard
  7. G. Wood
  8. Taylor
  9. Anzaldo
  10. Branch

The race is opening up now, a group of 11 are covered by 1.5 seconds, with Sanders in 12th 1 second behind Branch in P11. Taylor is working his way up the leader board again as he challenges Goodman for the lead. Goodman pits in at the end of lap 79.  A 19-car train is now forming up on track, Hassert spins on pit entry, Reiman comes in hot, and they hit. Other driver’s are now starting to come in lap after lap. Wenzen takes the scenic route as he is on the grass at pit entry after coming in to fast.

After the pit stops, Goodman leads, Demaegd is second with Taylor in P3.  Jenkins has got the afterburners on and moves up to P2, the draft is strong with this leading pack of 15. As we pass the 100 lap marker, this has been a green flag race so far. most incidents have been around the pit lane entry area, but out on track, its been clean. As the drivers approach Herrick (a lapped car) tense times lay ahead as the leading pack is much faster. Herrick keeps it cool and does not get involved with the league pack and professionally steps aside.

Drivers are starting to come down pit road again with 22 to go, who will blink last? Goodman and Gabe Wood pit, its going to be a pit road race with the other drivers. This is going to be a last minute stop for leading cars of Taylor, Degroot, Moll and Andrew Wood, 10 laps to go. Taylor comes in, Malone loses control behind him, near contact, breath deep. DeGroot and Moll pit with 7 to go. Degroot comes out in the lead, Goodman is in the mix and fires it up to second. the fresh tires of goodman are paying off as he opted to select them. Who wants it, Goodman takes the lead., 3 wide, Branch and Wagner are there, its fiery, its feisty who gets it?

Victory in the Next Level Racing 200

A race win that was oh so needed, Michael Goodman has won the Next Level Racing 200 in the lionheart Speedway Series. Speaking in HyperX victory lane ” That feels great, my last three races where the best of the season so far, everything feels good, I’m focused and happy with the way I am running”.

Lionheart Speedway Series


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