SIMRACE247 Server 2 Assetto Corsa Hotlaps: 1991 F1 Imola

After the successful launch of our SIMRACE247 Assetto Corsa Hotlaps Servers, we will be updating what track/car combos are running when interest wanes, and thus have the ASR Formula Mod (with four free cars to download) for hotlapping at Imola by Kunos.

Keeping the interest fresh and on demand, the SIMRACE247 Assetto Corsa server switches up to another popular event. This time the 1991 ASR formula mod will be at Imola.

On Server 2, earlier this week, we ran the iconic Kunos-made McLaren F1 GTR and the Porsche 911 GT1-98 with limited success. Here are the results:


assetto server 202211 porsche mclaren gt results

Please use your real name (first name and surname) to qualify for future competitions that are planned on our Assetto Corsa Hotlap Servers.

The lack of further interest has prompted us to change the track/car combo using the ASR Formula Mod with four free cars to download and install before joining the server. At the Kunos vanilla version of Imola.

1991 F1 cars by ASR download here>>>

asr formula assetto cors servers f1 hotlaps

Server 2 Today:
SIMRACE247 Assetto Corsa Hotlaps with ASR 1991 F1 at Imola

Results to follow after 48 hours. We will monitor interest and if need be (as in the case of the Porsche GT1 and McLaren GTR combo) we will then publish the results before we move on to the next combo.

So bookmark this page, and refer to it when wanting to do hotlaps. Full Gas & Have Fun!