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Esports Gaming Needs To Unlock Its Potential Further

Esports Gaming Needs To Unlock Its Potential Further

Esports gaming is a big deal, but does it give you a chance to rise to the upper ranks and be a new unknown challenger?

The power of Esports in the gaming genre has far greater potential than people realise. Originating from the early 1990’s, its rapid rise over the past few years is growing faster than ever with millions of viewers tuning in.

Whilst the gaming world is still booming with popularity, one topic i feel that needs more attention is Esports. We can all agree that we have chilled out playing our favourite games with friends, leagues and competitive rivals. But what if i told you THE GAMER that more was available for you to ascend to within the gaming ranks.

Source Game Quitters: “Beginning in the 1990s, gaming went from a casual hobby to an organized professional sport. Today competitive professional gaming, also known as eSports, is a soon-to-be a $1 billion dollar industry, championships are watched live by tens of millions of people, and their potential Olympic debut is on the horizon”.

Back in the day, we use to have gaming clans, we use to challenge other rivals with our favourite gaming titles to assert who was at the top of the leader board or ranks. We are not talking about the fastest lap or most kills in an FPS title. We are talking about a group of gamers who were loyal to its team and wanted the glory. I love those days; it had a real sense of respect for who was the best in that gaming title.

Our partner ESTV “Over the course of the last several years, video games have become a vital spectator sport, with single events pulling in millions of viewers. Our channel was launched to meet a demand for round the clock coverage of esports athletes and gaming franchises from an insider perspective. ESTV is the first ever dedicated channel for esports and gaming personalities”.

Fast forward to where we are now and Esports like clans takes charge of the best of the best. Now here is my point, do I feel like people are having that team mentality where you challenge rival teams or groups? Yes and no. I’m sorry I cannot give a simplified answer but stick with me here on this.

F1 Pro Esports: “The Series’ flagship event, the Pro Championship, was the main contributor to the large proportion of the 23m digital views with 13.8m views, representing a 47% increase from 2020. The remaining views were split across the F1 Esports Series’ mix of output, including the return of the F1 Esports Series Challengers, as well as the Pro Exhibition and Preview Show”.

As I mentioned before, groups or clans use to challenge another rival group or clan for status and the challenge. It was literally callout the other clan and it was on! If your beat a superior rival, the respect was electrifying. Whilst we have top tier and professional racing teams in the sim racing genre, it is a closed door for other teams and rivals to challenge them. We need to stay at the sharp end and Esports provides that platform. I would love to see the best drivers and gamers from an unknown team challenge the greatest.

Think about it, a group of friends in a clan or community will know each others strengths and team approach far better than an individual getting a place in a team with someone they do not know. Most drivers and gamers at the top have the skill but at times, cannot gel as a team.

F1 Pro Esports focuses on the individual 

Esports is always about providing the best of the best and challenging the best of the best, plain and simple. What we see at the moment is a great service provided but stagnates with its roster. We need to see fresh talent coming through the ranks and not the pass the parcel ” here have our discarded team member for your team” mentality. Am I better than the pros? No, but i can guarantee many are that will never get a look in. The next big name in gaming Esports is out there and ready to be discovered if you allow it.

Source: British Esports Federation “Think of esports as competitive video gaming where skill and professionalism is celebrated. The pro gamers who play at this level know the games inside out, much like a professional footballer or athlete would in their respective fields”.

We see challenges going up from teams in the sim racing genre, such as “come and join this event and see who is fastest”. But do you know what, it’s the same names of people who are already established that apply and only a few have an opportunity for recognition. Why not hold an event where a team based challenge takes place, look at all the sim racing and gaming communities that are out there, pitch them against eachother, just like the clan days. Before you know it, a new name or team is at the sharp end and competing with the best.

I would love to see that; it would show how open the Esports community is to supporting upcoming talent within the gaming genre and keeps the industry fresh and vibrant. Game on!


Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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