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SIMRACE247 are happy to announce that for November through the festive season to the end of December we will have two Assetto Corsa (AC) servers for our growing community to drive on!

With Assetto Corsa being released in December 2014, it is enjoying a new lease on life thanks to the incredible array of vanilla, free and paid mods available for the Kunos title. And of course, a community that often outnumbers other titles on Steam’s play time ranking as the stats below show:

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The interest is there, sim racers are doing laps on AC, more than the other three virtual motorsport titles on Steam, played by serious sim racers and teams.

To start our three SIMRACE247 Assetto Corsa servers, we will host hotlaps leaderboards to get the offline drivers to sample online without the stress of racing; simply getting the most out of your virtual car to see where you rank within the community of AC sim racers.

SIMRACE247 Server 1 for historic Assetto Corsa content (before 2000)

SIMRACE247 Server 2 for modern Assetto Corsa content (after 2000)

Assetto Corsa Amazing Graphics Pure + SoL | Macau Circuit - YouTube

Essential Assetto Corsa Mods

Other useful links:

Although the above essential mods are good to have, the vanilla installation of Kunos works on our server too. So no excuses! Get Hotlapping!

Note: We encourage serious sim drivers to use their real names (first name and surname) when driving on our servers to feature when we post the leaderboard final results at the end of each week.

SIMRACE247 AC Server Week 1: 01 November to 08 November

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Server 1 McLaren GTR (1995) & Porsche GT1 (1996)

Server 2 Ferrari F2004 (2004) & Ferrari F138 (2013)

Full Gas, Have Fun & Respect Your Fellow Drivers & See You On Track!