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SimRacing.GP And RaceDepartment Is No More

SimRacing.GP And RaceDepartment Is No More

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If you are looking for SimRacing.GP on RaceDepartment you will not find any joy as they have ended supporting each other.

It has been brought to the forefront as a story for the sim racing community, sim racing giants RaceDepartment and SimRacing.GP have severed ties with each other. What does this mean for the sim racing community?

Whilst RaceDepartment has been a great voice in the sim racing community, it has left users unaware that this has happened without a public response and as to what happens next. We know Simracing.GP hosts many great races and leagues on its platforms with thousands of racers, leagues and more participating on a daily basis.

When we look at the pages and news on RaceDepartment, we have seen no public announcement that SimRacing.GP is no longer supported by RaceDepartment or mutually walking away from each other.

Race Department and SimRacing.GP are heavy weights in the sim racing community 


As Editor in Chief of Simrace247, I sit on the fence as both RaceDepartment and SimRacing.GP have spread great positivity through the sim racing community. I feel it is a shame that RaceDepartment has not announced this (via its NEWS page) to the community as SGP is such a valuable asset.

Sometimes things will not always work out with agreements, but not allowing the public community that praises you to be kept in the loop, is a door slammed in the face of the sim racing community.  This SimRacing.GP and RaceDepartment story is not a sweep under the carpet and hope thousands of users accept it situation. I for one is totally perplexed as to why nothing was been publicly announced.

When we approached those in charge of RaceDepartment and SimRacing.GP to make a comment, CEO Steve Worrell of SGP joined myself in a call last week to acknowledge this has happened. Steve has been sim racing for over 20 years and have worked in marketing for consumer tech for over 10 years. His mission is to create a single destination for competitive racing online. Whilst Steve was not very well, he did take the time to chat with me last week and needed some time to officially make a statement.

CEO of SimRacing.GP Steve Worrell: 

“Simracing.GP and RD were in discussions to enter into partnership. Unfortunately, the parties have been unable to agree terms and those discussions appear to have concluded.

As a result, it has been agreed that RD will remove references to Simracing.GP from its platforms. Simracing.GP will, however, continue to provide its platform to the RD community like any other sim racing community.

Whilst we appreciate that this removal of Simracing.GP from RD will affect Club50 due to the forum being removed, to help Club50 Simracing.GP will provide its forum for Club50’s activities, on the same basis as all other communities on Simracing.GP. To Simracing.GP’s knowledge, other communities were not using RD forum, so they should not be affected.

Simracing.GP wishes RD all the best for its future endeavours”.

Are you a RaceDepartment member who has posted your events or articles there, are they still up? If I was you, I would go and check that your content you have posted still remains and question it if it has been removed. We hope for the future that clarity on situations that involves users is made public, the community that supports you is the backbone to your cause.

Speaking today with Steve in a lengthy conversation, we agreed that this was a positive move to shed clarity to those in the sim arcing community. Steve is a great guy that works hard and believes in what he does and sees it through. I appreciate that he took the time to talk with me on this and continues with his great work in the Sim Racing genre.

We contacted Bram Hengeveld, Founder of RaceDepartment as this was his response.

RaceDepartment founder Bram Hengeveld:

“Sim racing is not a game anymore, its business. And in business, people do business and negotiate. And in case they do not come to a mutual agreement, they decide to stop doing business. And that is all there is to say about it really”.

With quotes and statements being provided from both parties, we now have official clarity as to what had happened. Moving forward, RD and SGP can now focus on their own projects and paths.




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Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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