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Sim Coaches Sim Racing Equipment Update

Sim Coaches Sim Racing Equipment Update
Picture credit: Sim Coaches

Check out the latest update from Sim Coaches and what is in the pipeline with their sim racing equipment.  Featuring upcoming products and more.

Sim Coaches is an American made sim racing manufacture providing some of the most innovative equipment and more to the market. We continue with our advertorial coverage of Sim Coaches. This month, we have got plenty to highlight, for Sim Coaches knows nothing of the word sleep and rest. For those that are new to our coverage, Sim Coaches is an American made sim racing equipment manufacturer that takes it all the way up to 11. They know no bounds of the “normal and generic” sim racing equipment.

Mastermind and Sim Coaches co founder Lawrence is that guy that brings dreams to a reality. He and his team are extremely passionate about motorsport and sim racing. They probably have the best soundtrack for a warehouse/workshop location being situated right next door to Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


All righty then, so what have we got for this month? Well, kicking it off we have an update on the workshop and how production is continuing. Like many things in the world, sourcing materials can be an issue. Lawrence announces how cylinders have been an issue, however, all is full steam ahead and go time. Crediting members of his team is always great to see with Gyssell getting a shoutout for her skill, hard work and organisation. Thats some neat looking shelves of products right there. When you look at the individual parts that are used in the Sim Coaches equipment, you can see the passion, even the inverted pedal mount pieces look stunning right? Seth and Austin also get a shoutout for knuckling down and digging in with providing pieces and components, great job guys.

Now here comes the relentless pursuit to be the best and create some of the most advanced equipment out there. Sim Coaches will be making their very own sim racing wheel. In this video, Lawrence goes into the latest up and coming project. The plate shown, will be the final design of the wheel, now picture what it could look like once it has had all the Sim Coaches magic applied to it, no doubt it will look the business. Knowing the craftmanship that is already involved in their projects and equipment, the sky is the limit. The team always go to the drawing board to bring the best designs that are reliable, sturdy and fully functional for the user.

The quest for the ultimate plug and play sim racing simulator is what Sim Coaches wants to provide. Now I know many will be happy and content with a desk, wheel and pedals and more power to you. But what if you had a budget and wanted the best pound for pound full on plug and play setup. And when we say plug and play, it is literally that. The whole setup will be built and delivered to your door, all you have to do is unwrap it and switch it on and you are good to go. Kicking things off in this video is the Go Kart Simulator, designed for the younger generation, this is a 1:1 scale setup. I have said it before, those billet monitor mounts are a work of art. Coming with a Simucube Sport wheelbase, a Super Ultrawide monitor, Sim Coaches Pedal set and lots more. Next up is the stage 1, a light full size rig with triple monitors, bucket seat, Simucube Sport Wheelbase, Sim Coaches load cell pedals and more.

Codename stage 2 is the next step up from the stage 1. A more heavy duty rig over the stage 1, the extrusion is larger, the equipment is a step up and more equipment is loaded on to it. Featuring Simworks sequential shifter, Simucube pro wheelbase, 32 inch triple monitors, soundbar, P1 pro pedals and more. All of the Sim Coaches products come with a lifetime warranty.

As always, we thank Lawrence and those at Sim Coaches, and wish them well in their endeavouring aspirations and projects.

Sim Coaches

What are the goals?

Innovation is our #1 driver. When we released our very first product, our P1 Pro Pedals, they were very basic. As time has gone on, we’ve upgraded them to be equipped as the best hydraulic pedals on the market. We come from that same mindset with everything we do.

As time goes on, we continue to upgrade and innovate until we have the best product offered for you. In the future, we aim to have the entire product line up available to you. From pedals, wheels, wheel bases, shifters, handbrakes, cockpits, turn-key builds, button boxes and more.

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