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Lionheart Retro Series iRacing Race Report Montreal

Lionheart Retro Series iRacing Race Report Montreal

The Lionheart Retro Series in iRacing headed to Canada for the Gomez Sim Industries GP of Montreal. Here is your race report.

We are back racing in the Lionheart Retro Series in iRacing as round 15 visited Canada for the Gomez Sim Industries GP of Montreal. Written by Darren B of

Top 5 on the Grid

  1. #45 O’Brien
  2. #26 Campbell
  3. #8 Taylor
  4. #99 Sirois
  5. #10 Rodriguez

All right here we go, what a track, what a great racing series. Taylor nabs second, O’ Brien leads and a clean opening lap by the drivers. O’brien has got the afterburners engaged. 47 laps of this fantastic circuit are what lays ahead. Campell reclaims second and is not letting O’Brien get away. The wall of champions has an incident, Fowler and Guyon are involved, we remain green. Gabe Wood pulls over further up the track, he has an issue, can he bring it back to the pits? Rasimas is making moves as he grabs P45 from Rodriguez with the top 4 making a breakaway.

Campbell is now on the exhaust pipes of O’Brien, He has an issue, did O’Brien miss a gear? Campbell leads, O’Brien drops to p4. Ragan checks out the scenery of track and rejoins, Lanini goes off track. Montreal is an amazing circuit, but it invites you to go faster and punishes you if you cannot get it right. Forsythe and Guyon are side by side entering the wall of champions, this is not going to end well…. they make contact, Ragan falls victim to it, back out front, the top 4 are covered by 1.3 seconds.

Top 10 lap 10

  1. Taylor
  2. Campbell
  3. Sirois
  4. O’Brien
  5. Rasimas
  6. Rodriguez
  7. Graaf
  8. Daniels
  9. Herrick
  10. Cohn

Jenkins has a moment as the back end of the car gets loose and sends him into a spin. Luckily, he did not make contact with the barriers and rejoins, green flag remains. The front four remain at a consistent pace with no one making any rash and daring moves yet. Sirois and Campbell are getting close, Sirois wants to get by Taylor, who is starting to open a gap. Cohn and Herrick are drag racing down the back straight for P9, Cohn holds the position. Jenkins has had another incident, i think he may retire and wave goodbye to Montreal.

O’Brien is hounding Sirois for P3, the pressure is mounting, Sirois holds the position. Malone goes for a move on Forsythe and gets slammed into the wall, was the door closing? Taylor and Sirois pit in at the end of lap 19, Campbell leads with Rodriguez in second. they follow suit and pit in at the end of lap 20, O’Brien stays out. Campbell comes out in front of Taylor, Rasimas also had a good stop and gets ahead of Rodriguez.

Lap 25 top 10

  1. O’Brien
  2. Campbell
  3. Taylor
  4. Sirois
  5. Rasimas
  6. Rodriguez
  7. Graaf
  8. Daniels
  9. Cohn
  10. Herrick

Its relatively quiet at the moment, the drivers are nursing the cars and keeping good pace with no one making any crazy moves. O’Brien remains out front with Campbell half a second behind him. Taylor in third is almost 5 seconds behind, with Sirois and Rasimas following. Campbell is playing the fuel saving strategy, he has not gone for the lead, and is happy to follow O’Brien around. O’brien pits at the end of lap 34, its time for Campbell to get the hammer down. He has clean air ahead of him, with a lapped car in the distance, great lap from Campbell, he stays out. Taylor pits at the end of lap 37, Campbell is still out on track. Sirois pits at the end of lap 38, O’Brien is charging in P2. he may be 20 seconds behind Campbell, but Campbell needs to pit.

Campbell makes his stop, he is still in the lead, but the temps are cold. its a shootout to the finish, O’Brien is 2 seconds behind with 7 laps to go. Campbell is keeping that gap at just over 2 seconds. Taylor is third seven seconds behind O’Brien, with Sirois in fourth, Rasimas in fifth. Unless Campbell has a moment, he has surely got this in the bag with four laps to go. Daniels goes for a brave move into turn one as he battles for P9 with Cohn.

Lionheart Retro Series iRacing

Victory in the Gomez Sim Industries GP of Montreal

After some consistent pace and a wise strategy, Shaun Campbell has won the Gomez Sim Industries GP of Montreal. Speaking in HyperX victory lane ” I really wanted to stay second up until the final pit stops, i was a little worried about David as he had some great pace”.

ROUND 15 -Gomez Sim Industries GP of Montreal Presented by SimRace247







Laps Led




1#26-RSR By ButtKicker
 Sean D Campbell
(+1) Led a lap
(+1) 0 Incidents
2#45-Mad Werx Motorsports
 Michael A O’Brien
(+1) Start on overall pole
(+1) Led a lap
(+1) 0 Incidents
3#8-Mad Werx Motorsports
 Matt Taylor
(+1) Led a lap
4#99-Raven Lavoie Motorsports
 David Sirois
5#68-GRAAFix LC Motorsports
 Mike Rasimas
(+1) 0 Incidents
6#10-RSR By ButtKicker
 David R. Rodriguez
(+1) 0 Incidents
7#98-GRAAFix LC Motorsports
 Tyler J Graaf
(+1) 0 Incidents
8#39-AAR W/ GRAAFix LC
 Marc Cohn
(+1) 0 Incidents
9#28-4D Sim Racing
 Luke Daniels
10#40-4D Sim Racing
 Jim Herrick
(+1) 0 Incidents



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