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Veloce Esports on Sky News & Kay Burley Drives In A Sim Rig

Veloce Esports on Sky News & Kay Burley Drives In A Sim Rig

Sim racing and its partners are pushing for a greater future as Veloce Chief Executive Daniel Bailey is on Sky News.

If there was ever a point where i felt sim racing got some massive exposure, Kay Burley and Ali Fortescue from Sky News visited the Veloce Esports E-On stand at the Birmingham Conservative conference. To see this kind of exposure for the sim racing genre is massive as they visited the stand with Chief Executive for Veloce Racing Daniel Bailey discussing the Extreme E series which involves electric racing at some of the most extreme and remote places on the planet.

The sim racing genre is more than just a video game, it is reaching out to many manufactures in the world and high profile racing drivers that broadly support it. Veloce Esports covers a broad range of professional sim racing events and  partnered with energy supplier E-On to showcase the excitement people can find in the switch to lower carbon monitoring and playing yet more of a part in a zero carbon world.

Veloce Esports Sky News

Sky News correspondents and presenters Kay Burley and Ali Fortescue visited the stand with curiosity as to what was involved. Mr Bailey presented his pitch as to what Extreme E was all about. Kay Burley asked the question of ” When it comes to racing who takes part, is it a professional sport?”. Mr Bailey responded ” Lewis Hamilton has a team, McLaren, the VW group through Cupra and GM”.

It is fantastic to see this kind of exposure to sim racing on such a grand scale, not only for the genre but also showing how the gaming industry and its partners within the sim racing genre are pushing for clarity on its purpose.


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