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Lionheart Speedway Series iRacing Race Report Charlotte

Lionheart Speedway Series iRacing Race Report Charlotte

The Lionheart Speedway Series in iRacing recently visited Charlotte. Here is the full race report for the series.

The Lionheart Speedway Series in iRacing crowned a new race winner in a great race at Charlotte. The Lionheart Speedway Series MOZA Racing Charlotte 200 was primed and ready.

Written by Darren B of

Top 5 on the grid

  1. #89 Degroot: 24.494
  2. #35 Jenkins: +0.001
  3. #00 Rigney: +0.003
  4. #11 Hassert: +0.011
  5. #14 Nunez: +0.012

It’s time to push the pedal to the maximum as the Lionheart Speedway Series MOZA Racing Charlotte 200 is ready for action. 31 cars have lined up behind the pace car and green flag, we are racing for 133 laps. Incidents and contact have happened towards the back of the pack as the green flag drops, meanwhile, the pace is picking up in the early stages as the cars come up to speed. The top 12 are starting to make a gap over the chasing pack, and Gabe Wood has made up 11 places from his starting position and sits in P8.

So far, apart from the starting contact, the drivers are up to speed and keeping it clean. Early stages, but we are sure that some testing of lines and opponents is going on. Wenzen is making up places and sits in P5.

Lap 15 top 10

  1. Degroot
  2. Jenkins
  3. Rigney
  4. Wenzen
  5. Nunez
  6. Hassert
  7. Wagner
  8. Branch
  9. G. Wood
  10. A. Wood

Degroot continues to remain out front, with the chasing drivers keeping in the tow. Wenzen is wanting to make moves, but the pace of others is equal. Wenzen fires it up to P3, he wants to get to the front. Keeping in the draft is super important, but if you got tires and fuel to burn, go for it. Jenkins is super defensive keeping Wenzen at bay, Wenzen gets the move done, and is now setting up a run to pass Degroot for the lead.

Lionheart Speedway Series iRacing

30 laps have clicked by and the pace is hot, Wenzen wants to lead as he goes for it, Degroot holds the inside line and makes him work for it. Wenzen takes the lead on lap 36, will DeGroot fight back or keep pace?  DeGroot is taking the high line and getting great launch’s coming of the turn, he is testing Wenzen, but not taking risks. the pit window is now open and the lead cars come down pit road. the pitstop shuffle is now in full effect as drivers on the leaderboard change.

Jenkins gets loose as tags the inside wall as he was entering the pits, we stay green and he recovers. Wenzen leads, Degroot is second with Team Simrace247 driver Nunez in P3. He had a slick pitstop and is in the game with the leading pack, the trio have a 2 second gap over A.wood in P4.

Lap 52 top 10

  1. Wenzen
  2. Degroot
  3. Nunez
  4. A. Wood
  5. Wagner
  6. Branch
  7. Hassert
  8. beard
  9. G. Wood
  10. Graaf

The pace of the top 3 is relentless, we have a three car breakaway, the battle for p4 is hotting up as 3 wide on track action is happening. Wenzen out front has made up 12 places from his starting position and continues to be happy to sit out front. We are at the halfway point and the leading trio are over 3 seconds ahead of Branch in P4. Nunez look like he has the pace to pass but is happy to sit behind DeGroot and Wenzen.

Lionheart Speedway Series iRacing

Credit has to be given to all the drivers involved as 73 laps have clicked by of full green flag racing, a testament to the quality of the drivers in this series. That gap back to fourth is growing ever larger, it is now 7 seconds. its a battle royale for P4 as Hassert claims the position, with a pack of 7 in close range. Wenzen pits in at the end of lap 82 with the window open, DeGroot pits in at the end of lap 84, Nunez stays out.

Lionheart Speedway Series iRacing

Drivers through the pack are entering the pit lane, Nunez stays out. He has made a great fuel saving run behind DeGroot and Wenzen earlier, he pits in now with 44 to go. Reiman slams into the wall, we stay green flag racing, as more drivers come into the pits. DeGroot has the net race lead with Nunez right behind him, Wenzen is nearly 2 seconds behind.

39 to go top 10

  1. Degroot
  2. Nunez
  3. Wenzen
  4. G. Wood
  5. Branch
  6. Graaf
  7. Hassert
  8. Forsythe
  9. Beard
  10. Hardin

From p4 to P11 the gap is 2 seconds, a real battle will be raging as some great positions can be made up. The high speed duel at 200 + mph inches apart is a great sight to see. Graaf launches his car up to p4, they need to work together to reel in the front trio. Andrew Wood loses control of the car and makes contact with the wall, spinning his car around onto the infield, we stay green. Beard now moves up to P4, Graaf drops to P9, its a blink and you will miss it scenario in this pack, exciting for sure. OutFront, Nunez is happy to sit behind DeGroot without taking any risks and run his own race, he is in a great position with 20 laps to go, can he do it?


That battle for P4 is raging, Hassert holds the position, Beard fights back, the chasing pack is ready to pounce, great racing.  10 laps to go, Wenzen comes into the pits after a solid race, he does not have the fuel to the end. Degroot follows in on the next lap, Nunez is leading, does he have the fuel, can he stretch it to the end, time to drive smart and not get caught up with other drivers. Can the Team Simrace247 driver take it to the end, he sits up behind some lapped cars and gets the tow, Forsythe moves up to second, 5 to go, can Nunez do it, can he get his first win?

Lionheart Speedway Series iRacing

Victory in the Lionheart Speedway Series MOZA Racing Charlotte 200

After a start to finish green flag race, our driver Luis Gonzalez Nunez has won the Lionheart Speedway Series MOZA Racing Charlotte 200. Usually, i write a section for the driver who wins, but forgive me for adding more as this one is special. I have stuck by Luis for this season helping him believe he can do it, we always knew he could win and now he has proven it to himself. There is no doubt he is fast, but seasons of the past had been a struggle. I am extremely proud of him as the hard work and belief is rising to the top, Vamos Mi Amigo Vamos!

Speaking in HyperX victory lane ” Oh my god i cannot believe it, i work a lot with so much disappointment” alluding to how it has been a struggle but now it is paying off. But now he has claimed his first victory in the Lionheart series. We thank Luis for all the hard work and belief in himself that he could do it, and the special message to me was the cherry on the top.

Top 10 at Charlotte






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