Launch Day For Virtual Rally Championship WRC 10 League!

Launch Day For Virtual Rally Championship WRC 10 League!

We are pleased to say that the Virtual Rally Championship starts today in WRC 10. Sign up and join this great bunch of rally racers.

Are you sitting there thinking you wish you had a great WRC 10 league to join, well your desires have been answered as the VRC officially kicks off today. Founded by a top bloke, Steve Worrell fully believes WRC 10 needs some love with a great league, its launch day for the Virtual Rally Championship!

Forget sitting there on your own wondering if WRC 10 is dead, its not and VRC are a great bunch to join up with, well what you waiting for, get to it. Visit the discord where you shall be looked after and valued as a WRC 10 fan.

Virtual Rally Championship

Twitter: Virtual Rally Championship (@VRallyChamp) / Twitter

Discord: Discord

Website: Virtual Rally Championship – WRC10 League


The Virtual Rally Championship is designed for those looking for an authentic rally league. Using WRC10 and WRC Generations (When released) the aim is to provide a realistic WRC championship using the most realistic settings possible. Expect full length rallies with damage settings turned to max with no restarts. This is not for the faint-hearted. But that doesn’t mean newcomers and novices aren’t welcome. There will be Novice and advanced level competitions in the near future. Anyone can enter the main championship just remember to take it easy if you are new to the game as this championship is designed to be challenging.

Simrace247 is proud to support a great rally league as a partner: Virtual Rally Championship WRC 10 League