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WTCR 2022 Car Class Now Available In RaceRoom

WTCR 2022 Car Class Now Available In RaceRoom

The new WTCR 2022 car class is now available in RaceRoom along with an update. Check it out and hit the racetrack today!

Thye action pact race series that is known as WTCR gets new cars added to RaceRoom in 2022. If you have never raced these cars of previous generations, I highly recommend them, enjoy!

The FIA WTCR 2022 cars are now available in RaceRoom. Stay tuned for the detailed announcement of the new Esports WTCR season!

The 2022 features the latest model of the Audi RS 3 LMS TCR as well as the Hyundai Elantra N TCR, it also has new livery designs for the Honda Civic TCR in a Liqui Moly theme.

The class features all the teams of the ongoing 2022 season.

  • Audi RS 3 LMS TCR
  • Cupra Leon Competicion TCR
  • Honda Civic TCR
  • Hyundai Elantra N TCR
  • Lynk n Co TCR
Update details:

Client version =
Client BuildID = 9597519
Dedicated server version = 87.0.1387
Dedicated server BuildID = 9597669

  • Updated Fanatec SDK to V4.05
  • Nordschleife – Added terrain and grass normal maps, various visual tweaks. Updated several elements (Dorint Hotel new paint, some advertisement banners). Added the Sabine Schmitz Kurve sign.
  • Fixed Group 2 tyre change timing error for changing 2 wheels
  • AI – Fixed “FRX-22 AI’s make strange tyre compound choices”
  • Fixed – “MGU values gone from hud when under fixed setup regime”
  • Formula RaceRoom X-17 – Adjusted upshift decay for quicker gear changes from 2nd gear up, general tune of AI behaviour
  • Formula RaceRoom 3 – Baseline setup tweaks, increased mechanical trail and reduced default FFB multiplier
  • Formula RaceRoom Junior – Improved accuracy of the open differential.
  • Autodrom Most – AI pace improvements
  • Bilster Berg – AI qualifying performance tune
  • Dubai – AI qualifying and overall pace tuned
  • Hungaroring – Improved AI trajectories and pace
  • Nogaro – Fixed some hole in a wall
  • Norisring – Updated to 2022 specs, updated S/F bridge, added new signs (marshall posts, traffic signs, WWII info boards and more), added new lights, normal maps for terrain and road, added some and moved some walls, updated textures, updated track surface (bumps, lines, manhole covers, bricks and more), updated audience and vegetation
  • Slovakiaring – AI pace improvements
Darren Buckner

Darren Buckner

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