New Update New Update drops a packed update full of remasters and improvements as well as pushing the envelope. check it out today!

Popular sim racing title gets a new update that is packed full of goodness. This driving title is like no other, check it out.

First up, the beloved Ibishu Covet has received a full remaster! This feisty fan-favorite hatchback is getting a lot of love in update 0.26, including a revamped 3D model, reworked textures, design improvements, structural tweaks and of course a trunkload of new content.

Featuring almost 40 configurations, the Covet is now available in both USDM and JDM versions, the latter featuring right-hand-drive, as well as unique trim levels and styling. Not only that, but the radical Covet MR Turbo models take the RWD, mid-engine layout of an 80s supercar and cram it into a tiny turbocharged package, making for a vicious driving machine on the racetrack, rally stage and on the streets.

The Covet also stands as the first BeamNG vehicle to fully support several new game features, including racing interior parts, realistic openable doors, hood and trunk as well as an animated manual shifter and a functional odometer.

Improvements to Vehicles

Aside from the remastered Covet, there are also fixes and upgrades coming for several other vehicles. We’ve added four new wheel types, as well as functional odometers, animated manual shifters to all manual cars except the T-Series, and more!

New Props

We’re also adding roof bar loads (including a BeamBox which can be configured for either suitcases or backpacks), several new props including large tires, barriers, and haybales.

Experimental – Motion Blur

Next up, we are introducing experimental support for Motion Blur to the game with this release, which should maximize immersive feel and offer a sense of speed while helping with the quality or file sizes of recorded gameplay for those of you who produce videos.

PBR Updates

In keeping with the autumn season, foliage PBR has been updated and enhanced on several maps! Garage is not getting an update to foliage because it doesn’t have any (it’s a tragic story, we don’t speak of it, poor indoor plants). However, Garage is getting improved lights to better illuminate long vehicles, a new garage building and garage-specific props on West Coast, so it’s not being left out altogether!

Lest you think foliage updates are the only map changes. Italy and West Coast are getting updates to their decalroads PBR – Italy’s asphalt and dirt roads and West Coast’s dirt roads, well as road lines and road markings. Several maps are getting fixes to groundcover settings, improved terrain depth maps and other general improvements.

For more information visit: v0.26 Release Notes