New Maonocaster E2 Podcast Mixer kit Review

New Maonocaster E2 Podcast Mixer kit Review
Picture credits: Maono

The new Maonocaster E2 Podcast Mixer kit is that perfect balance of podcast and studio production wrapped up in a great package.

To say I have been quite intrigued and pleasantly surprised by the Maonocaster E2 podcast mixer kit from Maono would not do it justice. Like most equipment for reviews, I hold my own thoughts on the following, judge after testing and living with a product for a duration. You see the Maonocaster E2 podcast mixer kit is one of those things where I find it hard to find a fault or look at where improvements are needed, it is literally, plug and play with the minimum amount of setting up.

For those that we support here in the sim racing community, we have a wide range of people. Some are just racers, others like to stream and then there are the broadcasters, team managers etc etc, you get the idea.

Now this is where the Maonocaster E2 podcast mixer kit stands up and boy does it make a statement, the hardware in the box is the Maonocaster E2 audio interface and the PM320 mic which are well presented and with secure packaging to protect from damage. It is always great to see companies put the effort into well thought out packaging that makes sure that the products arrive to the customer in good order, so well done Maono on that.

First up we shall delve into the Maonocaster E2 audio interface

Its simplistic and easy function design makes you feel right at home straight away, it does not seem imposing or comes across as a complicated piece of equipment that you would need to flick through manuals for hours to setup. Compatibility is supported for PC, smartphones, tablets, cameras, Windows, Mac OS, etc. For those that are size conscious about the product, it comes in at L24.5*W15.7*H5.5CM (button included). The build is made of plastic, with a lightweight design, but it feels robust, so it will be fine for transporting in your backpack etc if need be.

In terms of connectivity on the back, it comes will all the required ports you would need for podcasts, streaming, and those important calls along with musicians, especially guitar players are also catered for with the “Inst” quarter-inch jack plug port. But look at that XLR input, many people will be happy to see this as this is the go to connection type for those who are big into audio. Note the USB type-C ports, one is to plug into your computer, whilst the other is for charging the device, yes, it can be portable.

Rear Ports

Upon powering the audio interface up, we are greeted with some illumination (those who are not into all the lights can access the toggle switch on the rear) which is a basic but nice feature. Upon talking into the PM320 mic, which we will get to in a bit, the audio interface makes life very easy by displaying the levels of the input and output with ease for you to set up accordingly. The large AUX and Output dials are very smooth to rotate with making life easy to get to that perfect level. Along the top row of the interface are the EQ dial knobs which allow for the increase or decrease in Bass (low) Midrange( Mid) and High (high frequencies). Next to those is the INST ( Instrument level adjust), a pitch level knob, and a monitor adjustment knob for playback levels whilst analyzing your recording/podcasts etc.


With this easy layout and ease of adjustability, I can confidently say that the interface is nice and easy to use with great quality in sound and feedback. I think personally it punches above its weight with its capabilities and I would highly recommend.

PM320 Mic

With the interface setting a great benchmark for this package, the PM320 mic needs to be on par. Getting straight into it, the build quality is solid and the microphone has a hefty weight to it, but no to much. Let’s call it a robust feel that is built to last. The stand for the mic is, again solid and robust with a screw in height adjustable mount (nice). The mic also has its own shock mount brace that aesthetically blends in without being too intrusive along with a clip on pop filter. Once plugged in with the supplied XLR cable, setup was nice and easy and the familiarity with the interface got me up and running nice and easy. Chatting with friends with this package setup was fantastic, reports of crystal clear vocals and clarity was often mentioned along with no crackling of popping.


I can happily say I have been impressed with the Maonocaster E2 Podcast Mixer kit. Would I recommend it to anyone, absolutely. I think it falls into that area of requirements that are suitably priced with its performance, connectivity and quality. I would like to thank those at Maono for giving me the opportunity to review this great equipment.

If you have an interest in this product or the great lineup from Maono visit: MAONO Online®Store

About Maono

Back in 2014, Alex, the founder of Maono, was working in Africa and happened to have the chance to learn the culture of Africa, he was impressed by the richness of the African continent, and the diversity of culture, and also feel the YOUNG, ENERGETIC, MUSICAL, NATURAL of people while they are dancing barefoot around the bonfire.

He starts to think about the way to obtain happiness and the future of next-generation and how we can start building a brand that represents happiness for our children. One day Alex asks the local people in Africa how to say “VISION” in their own language.

Here comes “Maono”[ˈmɑnoʊ]. this is the original intention of MAONO, a company created for the future, stands for Vision, and believes Vision drives technology and focuses on professional audio products innovation, especially for the fast-growing young generations who like to podcast themselves and share their moments on the internet.

Until now, Maono still maintains this beautiful vision, hoping that Internet users can experience and create happiness with a wonderful voice. Maono is committed to becoming a global leading brand of Internet audio products that deliver a pleasant sound experience. With the mission of making the world’s best microphones and audio products, we will continue to work hard and never give up.